Nurturing new alliances for increased business efficiencies.


Nurturing new alliances for
increased business efficiencies.

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Top-Notch Alliances to Fuel
Your Business Growth

The new world needs to be built on a strong foundation of connected partnerships. At Intelliswift, we believe in creating a cohesive technology ecosystem that benefits every stakeholder - be it our alliances and JV’s or our customers. Our collaborative partnership & alliances model delivers greater business value for everyone.

Our powerful network of alliances is composed of the world’s leading companies in software applications, niche technology solutions providers, and data & services. Our relationship and futuristic initiatives with these prominent industry leaders, have improved their product and service offerings, accelerated their revenue growth, and helped them reach broader markets. Being a trusted advisor for several companies, Intelliswift and its robust partner ecosystem continue to deliver incremental value to your digital transformation journey.

Strategic Partnerships

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Google Cloud

Intelliswift helps you to develop, integrate, grow, and analyze with the Google Cloud Platform, so you can securely implement web-based applications with business services and tools in no time. We assist you in developing and deploying intuitive tools, security, and scalability in a flexible platform that grows with you.

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With our experience-driven "show and tell" approach, we help customers reimagine and visualize better solutions while accelerating their speed to value through our tailored accelerators and frameworks. Backed by a world-class team of Salesforce experts.

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We understand the tremendous pressure of effective project management on IT PMOs, in the current circumstances. The gaps in people and process management have become more pronounced than ever.

Business Partners

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