I-deas Corner

Build something new – with Intelliswift’s next-gen solutions offerings.

I-deas Corner

Build something new – with Intelliswift’s
next-gen solutions offerings.


Committing to Digital Transformation makes us adopt new technologies and new challenges as it disrupts every element related to it. Our digital accelerators offer you a roadmap to modernize systems, meet evolving customer demands, and leverage new technologies that will prove to be the driving force behind the technical revolution in your organization.

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Intelliswift’s AI/ML driven Koios is
a unified data and analytics platform,
that allows business managers to transform
themselves into data scientists, thus
empowering them to take strategic
decisions with speed and agility.

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Intelliswift’s Cloud Adoption Navigator is a cloud-based
infrastructure-agnostic framework that steers enterprise journey
to the cloud. Explore the cloud and its infinite possibilities
with iCAN, discover new opportunities, unlock new revenue
potential, and create enriched customer experiences.

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Conversion Factory

Intelliswift’s Conversion Factory is
the first Conversion-as-a-Service offering
that converts legacy data to a secure
hybrid cloud infrastructure to power
continuous background conversion
analytics and insights. Our advanced tool
enriches data with real-time insights

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Intelliswift’s migration utility, iMAX, helps existing
Apigee private (OPDK) and current generation Apigee Saas users
to migrate to new and next-gen platforms of
choice (Apigee Hybrid/Apigee X) seamlessly.

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Intelliswift collaborates with alliances, partners,
and platforms from every aspect of the ecosystem to
put blockchain at the center of your digital transformation.
Our capabilities include technology platforms like
Digital Asset, Hyperledger, R3, and Ripple.

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Intelliswift’s iSTRIDE is a 360-degree
framework combining technical
processes and product strategy
dimensions for fostering innovation &
embedding the product engineering

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Intelliswift’s Comprehensive Automation Framework
is a set of automation tools & frameworks providing
end-to-end automation solutions across platforms,
processes & devices.

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