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Contingent Workforce

Identify the best contingent talent for your
modern organization- virtually and on-demand.

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Today’s organizations are leaning towards hiring contingent staff to optimize costs in the gig economy. However, talent acquisition teams often struggle to manage regulations and the intricate complexities of non-permanent hiring.

Intelliswift is a trusted partner for hiring and managing contingent labor. We evaluate your needs and hone in on the most capable applicants, quickly, thereby reducing your hiring lifecycle. Our staffing and recruiting professionals manage your end-to-end contingent workforce recruitment processes, including candidate screening, scheduling interviews, soft skills evaluations, background verifications, on-boarding, and off-boarding, all of this in a virtual environment, and ensure that the candidate is a suitable fit for your organization.

We offer flexible pricing and engagement models for the contingent workforce, irrespective of your industry. We enable you to scale up or down, affordably, to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing business landscape.

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Our Approach

In today’s volatile market, getting the right resources for an organization is challenging. Our strategic approach enables
us to attract the best talent based on your business’ culture and needs, driving greater ROI for your business through
Intelliswift’s personalized approach for every project.

Our Approach
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We become the extended arm of your talent acquisition team, and take end-to-end responsibility of your contingent
workforce recruiting – from screening to off-boarding formalities; ensuring compliance is met, freeing up your team’s
time to focus on core initiatives. Moreover, all this is done remotely, saving a lot of your time and cost. We are a reputable
organization, known for our quick turnaround time and high fill ratios.

Why Intelliswift

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Robust delivery driven organization focused on scalability, compliance, and delivering quality resources

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Matured recruiting engine of 350+ recruiters and 4M+ active profiles

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Client-centric delivery model with exclusively dedicated teams for each one of our clients

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Top 3 preferred vendors with more than 70% of our clients

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Proven Performer status with several MSP partners

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Non-traditional engagement models to suit the gig economy

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Deep analytics capabilities to enable workforce performance improvement

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Continuous business improvement

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Virtual onboarding & offboarding

With Intelliswift’s modern and versatile Talent Solutions, organizations are enabled to tackle typical recruitment woes, and position themselves for growth in fast-changing markets.

Intelliswift’s Value Addition

Proven global



Coverage and

Value beyond





onboarding &

Focus Areas

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Hiring for a Virtual Organization can be catastrophic if not done properly. Talent Solutions for Virtual Organizations need to be transformational in terms of policies, processes, and methodologies.

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