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Insights & Dashboarding

Create visually appealing & interactive charts and
dashboards – the new way of looking at data.



Intelliswift's comprehensive visualization tool gives you complete independence to design your business story the way you want to. It is a complete package of seamlessly integrated components, chart templates with customization & scripting capabilities. High-end visualizations coupled with accurate predictability and real-time updates, give you the most advanced insights engine available today. Create powerful charts and presentations through self-service BI capabilities of KOIOS, and deliver actionable insights from data, patterns, and correlations.

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Enhance your business decisions

Gather inputs from multiple sources via our enhanced data connectors. Intelliswift’s enhanced data connectors make the raw data from various sources more relevant via cross-pollinated data pipelines, giving you better data sets to build your analytics. Moreover, users can create calculated fields and use them as input, on top of the merged datasets.

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Comprehensive Charting Setup Capabilities

Through standard chart templates, advanced charting, and custom scripting, be assured that your visualization needs would be met. Inherent integration capabilities with third-party charting libraries, viz. FusionCharts, D3 charts, JustGage, etc. enable your business users to create powerful visualizations.

Key Features

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Plot geospatial datasets
via Leaflet maps

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AI-based NLP
search and filtering

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Mobile & tablet view
dashboards for anywhere,
anytime viewing

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Over 50+ pre-built templates
and custom chart creation

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100+ basic and advanced
charting components
already inbuilt and getting
added each day

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