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Intelliswift is consumed with the love for the new. Led by a team of highly passionate and techno-centric innovators, we consciously embed the spirit of loving and embracing everything new in what we do. Watch our brand film here.

Key Offerings

Delivering new experiences with reliable engineering.

Digital Product Engineering

Intelliswift offers a host of highly flexible and adaptable solutions and services for businesses, from building new products to modernizing existing ones. High-value agile solutions that are built to match your speed of innovation.

Data and Artificial Intelligence

Empower your business with cutting-edge Data and AI services, harnessing the power of advanced analytics, machine learning, and predictive modeling.

Digital Enterprise

Intelliswift’s Digital Enterprise solutions blend agile engineering and AI-driven frameworks with technologies like RPA, mobile, DevSecOps, cloud, and analytics.


Cybersecurity is crucial in modern business. We prioritize securing your business value chain and protecting digital and physical perimeters, internal processes.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Cloud and Infrastructure constitute the backbone of digital operations, facilitating data storage, computation, and networking Within this framework.


Experience the transformative impact on your business with our Salesforce Center of Excellence, a hub of innovation and expertise poised to elevate your operations to new heights.

Digital Integration Services

Simplify IT with our Digital Integration - tailored solutions in API management, Google Cloud Platform, Enterprise Integration, and Microservices. Achieve efficient cloud-enabled integration.

Talent Solutions

Optimize your organization’s workforce with reliable and skilled individuals via technology-driven, flexible talent solutions from Intelliswift.









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500 Clients

Key Industries

Reinventing stellar industries with new technology.

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    The BFSI domain is fast moving towards extremely personalized offerings for its set of customers. Our advanced AI/ML-based tools enrich standard and non-standard data in real-time while providing relevant and JIT insights to various business functions leading to a great customer experience.

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    In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, the healthcare industry is no exception to the transformative power of information technology (IT). Healthcare IT services, spanning across Medicare, Medicaid, and medical domains, play a pivotal role in modern healthcare.

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    We leverage automation, data-rich platforms, and customized services to power smart factories. Enhance the cost-efficiency, quality, and sustainability of your products with our advanced services for Manufacturing businesses.

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    An estimated 150 zettabyte of data would be analyzed by the year 2025 by the Life sciences/ Pharmaceutical industry. Intelliswift has built an end-to-end AI/ML-based data analytics and insights platform that would help to get a 360-degree view of all the key business indicators in real-time.

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    Today's customer is omnipresent, hence, an omnichannel approach to retailing is paramount. To be present at all intersections of the customers' daily lives is what an effective retailer should continuously focus on.

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    Being a part of core engineering groups with global technology giants, our team is exposed to the latest technology platforms way before others, thus giving us an edge over other solution providers.

Our Success Stories

Intelliswift’s Managed Security Service Mitigates Risks and Strengthens Security Posture for a Japanese Semiconductor Manufacturer


Intelliswift Enhances Technology Governance and Regulatory Compliance for a Leading US Hospital System


Intelliswift’s Advisory Services Help Shape the Maturity of API Ecosystem for a Leading Retirement Services Firm


Intelliswift’s App Modernization for a Loyalty Rewards Platform Elevates Application Performance by 30%

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Our user base expanded by almost 30X thanks to the apps engineered by Intelliswift.

– Bob Power, President, ParkSmart

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