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Diversity, Equity and
Inclusion at Intelliswift

Fostering a strong DEI culture through mindful efforts.



At Intelliswift, we're committed to global recognition as a leading digital engineering organization with a strong focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). We are devoted to attracting a diverse range of talented individuals, providing equal opportunities, championing accessibility, and cultivating an inclusive environment that nurtures the development of our employees. This commitment ensures that people with diverse thinking, backgrounds, and perspectives contribute to our collective success. Our commitment to DEI goes beyond transactions; it's about fostering a sense of belonging, empowerment, and respect. By prioritizing inclusivity, we enable individuals to bring their authentic selves to the table, feeling valued and respected. This not only enhances our capacity to expand but also cultivates an environment where diverse perspectives thrive, leading to the creation of exceptional client services.

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Our DEI Commitment

At Intelliswift, we are dedicated to promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
through a series of strategic goals:

Diverse Talent Attraction and

Implement recruitment programs to foster diversity across ethnicities, genders, races, cultures, and perspectives, thereby enriching the organizational fabric.

Conduct inclusivity-focused training to cultivate a sense of belonging within the workplace.

Gender Diversity

Actively sponsor Women in Technology across various forums and events, fostering increased diversity and thought leadership within the technology sector.

Host quarterly fireside chats showcasing women leaders from corporate enterprises, promoting an inclusive professional landscape.

Data-Driven Diversity

Harness our data insights tool for recruitment and diversity metric analysis, facilitating the strategic inclusion of individuals from diverse ethnic, gender, racial, and cultural backgrounds.

Regularly audit salary ranges to enhance internal pay equity, ensuring a fair and meaningful compensation structure.

Recognition and

Implement recognition programs that celebrate achievements related to DEI efforts and acknowledge individuals or teams that contribute significantly to fostering an inclusive environment.

Celebrate cultural holidays to honor team members' diverse backgrounds.

Our DEI Initiatives

Multiculturalism and inclusivity are at the core of our company's culture; and most of our
initiatives and policies are reflective of this foundational belief.

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Dedicated Culture

Our dedicated Culture Committee is vital to our
company culture, promoting our values within and
beyond Intelliswift. With solid support from our
leadership team, this cross-functional group educates
employees on equity and diversity, celebrates inclusion
efforts, enhances organizational representation, and
ensures the ongoing refinement of our DE&I initiatives.

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DEI Images
DEI Images

Recruiting Efforts

Our company is committed to fostering diversity through focused recruiting initiatives, involvement in diversity-oriented job fairs, and meaningful engagement with individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those with South American, Asian, and African heritage, veterans, and individuals with varying abilities, among others. With clear hiring goals and yearly metrics, we are committed to fostering an inclusive culture. Our approach extends beyond numbers, emphasizing intentional recruiting strategies to reach all diverse populations. Through this commitment, we aim not only to meet hiring goals but also to unleash the collective power of our diverse workforce.

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Intelliswift is powered by some of the most talented and influential women in the business. Our ambassadors are engaged in fostering leadership and empowerment as a constant endeavor to empower future women leaders. We have an ongoing Women in Leadership Virtual Fireside Chat Series with diverse women leaders in STEM, addressing barriers to growth, providing mentorship, and influencing the importance of a merit-based future workforce. We continue to donate to causes that enable single mothers’ programs in Information Technology and help families not just survive but thrive!

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DEI Images
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Awareness Sessions & Upskilling

We organize quarterly educational sessions to enhance our
employees' awareness and comprehension of diversity, equity,
and inclusion (DEI). Utilizing assessments, we gauge
awareness levels and offer focused training to involve
our workforce actively in DEI principles. Our dedication
extends to empowering individuals to contribute
effectively to our inclusive culture, cultivating
an environment that promotes active
participation and collaboration.

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DEI Images

Employee Resource
Groups (ERGs)

At Intelliswift, Employee Resource
Groups (ERGs) are integral to our
commitment to diversity and inclusion.
These voluntary communities, organized
by employees based on shared identity or
experience, serve as cultural catalysts,
connecting team members beyond their
daily work and enhancing cross-cultural
understanding. ERGs support various
needs, including assisting military
personnel in transitioning to civilian
life, helping parents balance work
and childcare through robust parental
leave policies and a flexible work
environment, and offering advocacy for
rights, a safe space, and career

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Engaging with
Diverse Businesses

Recognizing the importance of diversity, we actively seek to engage with and support other diverse businesses whenever we require vendor services. By consciously choosing to work with diverse vendors, we contribute to creating a business environment that values and celebrates the richness of diversity. Through these collaborative efforts, we not only enhance the success of our enterprise but also contribute to the broader goal of building a more equitable and inclusive business ecosystem.

Watch the video to see supplier diversity in action at Intelliswift.

Women in Leadership Virtual Fireside Chat Series

Jisun Yang | Women in Leadership: Virtual Fireside Chat Series

May 30, 2024

We recently had the incredible opportunity to speak with Jisun Yang, Vice President of Data Services @unfinc , in our latest Fireside Chat, hosted by Sangeeta Peris. The insightful discussion was around ‘AANHPI Women Leaders Navigating Cultural and Gender Dynamics in the Executive Suite.’

During our conversation, Jisun shared her inspiring journey, highlighting her diverse background and passion for experiencing different cultures. From her early days in the US to her experiences navigating various industries and living in different states, Jisun's story is a testament to resilience and adaptability.

Jisun spoke candidly about the challenges and triumphs of balancing career moves with family life. She also delved into how her cultural background has significantly influenced her unique leadership style, providing a fresh perspective on how diversity can drive innovation and success.

SheTO Summit 2023

Nandini Easwar

Intelliswift Software proudly stands as a Diamond Sponsor for the prestigious SheTO Summit! As an organization that is deeply committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity in the technology industry, we recognize the immense value of elevating women to leadership positions.

Watch this video as Nandini Easwar, Head of Technology Operations and Security at HR Acuity, shares her outlook and what approaches companies can take to boost women’s representation in CXO roles.

Celebrating Diversity in Every Frame

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