Who we are

Enabling businesses to love their Digital Transformation journeys.
Transforming them into thinking and connected enterprises.

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Who we are

Enabling businesses to love their Digital Transformation journeys.
Transforming them into thinking and connected enterprises.



Intelliswift is consumed with the love for the new. Once a leading staffing company, Intelliswift now possesses the expertise to build data-rich modern platforms, and to create sophisticated systems for data management and analytics for thinking and connected enterprises. We are a global leader in delivering Digital Product Engineering, Data Management & Analytics, Cloud, Digital Enterprise and MSP/VMS staffing solutions. Led by a team of highly passionate and techno-centric innovators, we consciously embed the spirit of loving and embracing everything new in what we do. We ardently believe that companies that Love the New are at an advantage of being ahead of the curve in this age of digital.

Intelliswift’s unique digital transformation accelerators empower businesses with modern IT solutions to stay relevant for their end-customers. We constantly evolve our offerings and solutions to create a robust technology ecosystem– one that lays the foundation for a sustainable future.

We leverage our 20 years of staffing experience to recruit some of the finest talents to deliver breakthrough solutions for Pharma, BFSI, and Retail industries – giving businesses the access to secure, scalable and flexible IT architectures, guaranteed to enrich customer experience and amplify business outcomes. Our customer-centricity makes us a trusted ally to over 10+ Fortune 100 and 124+ Fortune 500 organizations.

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Our Mission & Vision

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To be recognized globally as a best-in-class digital engineering organization sought after by global organizations for our capability and by global talent for the opportunities that they deserve.

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To leverage our deep expertise and understanding of technology and its impact to business, supported by our innovation, to create a long lasting impact for our customers and stake holders.

Our Core Values

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We are always open, honest, and collaborative in all our interactions with every team member, client, and industry peer. Being forthright and clear give us credibility, a competitive advantage, and a healthy workplace environment.

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We are mindful of others and value diversity in thought, word, and action by treating everyone as we would want them to treat us. Our regard for self and others promotes trust, wellbeing, and equality in all our relationships.

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We are strong in our foundation of moral and ethical principles that guide us in all personal and business engagements. Our Sound decision-making, consistency, and accountability are an essential part of our growth and high performance.

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We are driven by the love for our work, teams, and clients. Our commitment to go above and beyond to achieve successful outcomes and reach individual, company, and client goals makes us stand out as an employer and partner of choice.

Meet our exemplary
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Employee Testimonials

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Intelliswift allows me to push the boundaries and see beyond what’s obvious. There’s a sense of accomplishment and gratification at the end of the day! Grateful for everything that has come my way, and I know the future here has plenty in store.

Amber Howard

Head - US HR
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The products and services we offer touch so many lives that it makes me feel I am part of something bigger. We are not only building products but also forging a solid team of leaders who want to make a difference.

Sekhar Annambhotla

VP - Solutions Engineering
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There are a host of reasons why we love Intelliswift. Its inclusive culture makes it a second home; there’s always a helping hand in times of need. Everyone here is driven by purposeful work to create an impact and we certainly relish the camaraderie we have built.

Madhvi Thakkar

VP - Client Services
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