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Our Salesforce practice is dedicated to maximizing your usage of Salesforce, ensuring that our customers unlock the full power of the platform. With our experience-driven "show and tell" approach, we help customers reimagine and visualize better solutions while accelerating their speed to value through our tailored accelerators and frameworks. Backed by a world-class team of Salesforce experts, we are committed to delivering exceptional results and enabling our customers to leverage Salesforce's capabilities to their fullest potential.

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Our Pillars of Success

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Our accelerators & frameworks are designed to deliver benefits by offering pre-built components, frameworks, and best practices. Our accelerators reduce development efforts, standardize processes, and provide customizable templates. They also promote collaboration among project teams, enabling quicker decision-making and problem-solving. With our accelerators, we enhance project efficiency and ensure successful and timely project delivery.

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Show & Tell Engagement Approach

Our "Show & Tell" approach applies our best practices, human experience & automation philosophy to inspire and ensure sustained true value-based outcomes for our Salesforce clients. We inform the most relevant best practices from peers and cross-industry to prioritize customer experience & anticipate needs. Our interactive sessions help users consider changes, benefits, and acceptable alternatives within the Salesforce framework. We execute an incremental approach in digitizing and automating to capture quicker value.

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For a successful engagement, we strongly advocate for a collaborative approach where the customer and we function as ONE team. Our customer-centric team comprises individuals with the needed certifications, technical experience, functional knowledge and industry expertise to ensure we deliver exceptional results to exceed client expectations. Together, we foster a shared vision, leveraging our expertise and working hand in hand to achieve mutual success.

Our Salesforce team has worked with

We also have a 100% certified team across all core and advanced Salesforce certifications.







Our Expertise in Salesforce

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Sales Cloud

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Service Cloud

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Marketing Cloud

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Experience Cloud

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CRM Analytics (Tableau CRM)

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Financial Services Cloud

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Revenue Cloud

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Education Cloud

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Digital Engagement

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Data & Analytics

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Call Center Transformation

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Contract Lifecycle Management

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What We Do

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Sales Process Automation

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Service Process Automation

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Marketing Process Automation

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Custom App Development

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Maintenance & Support

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Integration Services

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Product Development

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Discovery & Consulting


Implementations Across Industries & Clients

Our Salesforce team has a rich experience working with 100+ clients across 15 industries:

Technology Industry

  • A dedicated POD team (with a ramp-up to 52 people), working on all core Salesforce products and more, provides our client the flexibility to ramp and scale resources up and down per business needs. This client also runs one of the largest Salesforce orgs in the world.

Pharma & Lifesciences Industry

  • A dedicated Salesforce POD team worked on enhancing customer experience, field service, self-service & omnichannel. The streamlined sales processes helped improve the win rate by 18% and lead conversion by 14%.

Financial Services Industry

  • This Salesforce project involved customer 360 for one of the largest stock exchanges in the world, reducing support costs by 15% and increasing customer satisfaction by 30%.
  • Customer Experience Transformation with the Salesforce ecosystem for a regional US bank - increased retail to other segments cross-sell by 12% and a 20% decrease in TAT for all customer inquiries.

Education Industry

  • End-to-end experience for a leading technology-based educational institution using Salesforce Education Cloud. Delivered enhanced applicant experience from discovery and application, to admission. Ease of onboarding new lead publishers - turnaround time was reduced to less than 2 days.
  • Built an end-to-end system on Salesforce to handle sales, delivery, and customer service for the world's largest education company – successfully reduced the time required for proposal generation, quote generation, and discount approvals by 80%, while customer service TAT was minimized by 60%.

eCommerce & Retail Industry

  • Implemented Salesforce to onboard over 100,000 sellers & 600,000 in the pipeline for a leading e-commerce company that is, part of one of the largest global retailers. Created a mechanism to track, understand, monitor, and support the sellers to improve their performance.
  • Implemented Salesforce Service Cloud to provide service transformation for a leading furniture e-tailer. This led to a unified view for customer support & field agents, making it easy to share and use information in real-time while increasing first-call resolution by 25%.

Manufacturing Industry

  • Built a Sales & Distribution system with Salesforce Service Cloud integrated with a native mobile front end and SAP for a leading tire manufacturer - the solution increased visibility into sales actuals, inventory stock, pricing, etc., for field agents. Sales planning time came down from 2 hours to 15 minutes. Live dashboards provide results in a matter of seconds as compared to 7 minutes.
  • Field Force Effectiveness leveraging Salesforce for one of the world's largest automotive spare parts and accessories manufacturers and suppliers - enabling faster decision-making with real-time reports and dashboards for all key metrics, which would, in turn, measure the performance of the field force.

How We Use Salesforce

As a leader in world-class IT solutions and services, loving and embracing "new" is second nature to us - new customers,
technologies, challenges, insights, and business processes. We develop some of the most sought-after solutions in
Digital Product Engineering, Data Management & Analytics, and MSP/VMS staffing solutions. We use Salesforce
in all of our Sales & Marketing functions with a mantra that if it is not in Salesforce it is not there.

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Business Goals

  • Single source of truth
  • Business agility
  • Transparency
  • Streamlined sales processes to enhance win rate and lead conversion
  • Improved sales productivity
  • Increase in forecast accuracy
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  • Need for defined sales process
  • Lack of data quality due to duplicate and irrelevant data
  • No audit on stale data
  • Validation for data entry
  • Need for role structure with defined access
  • Need for analytics on the data
  • Need to automate activities and reduce manual intervention
  • Need for accurate pipeline and forecast
  • Lack of communication between various systems involved
  • Role specific dashboards
  • Lack of sales path
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  • Sales Cloud & Marketing Cloud implementation
  • Entering, scoring, and tracking leads
  • Minimum qualification criteria to convert leads to account, contact, and opportunity
  • Deploying Pardot for driving prospect engagement
  • Meetings - confirmation, minutes, and pulse implemented to track occurrence and quality of meetings
  • Account planning
  • Blue sheet process for SWOT analysis of opportunities
  • Automated project creation on opportunity win
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  • Salesforce is used as a single source of truth for all sales data and tracking
  • 100% adoption of the system and processes
  • 40% increase in sales productivity
  • 35% increase in forecast accuracy
  • Focused on right prospects and opportunities leading to business efficiency
  • Enhancements planned to integrate hiring approvals directly within Salesforce
  • Efficient pipeline movement
  • Streamlined touchpoints of customer communication
  • Insights and forecasts
  • Efficient sales, finance, marketing and recruitment collaboration
  • Efficient tracking of sales activities and milestones
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Why Intelliswift?

"Quick wins" and "fast time to value" form the focus of our "Show & Tell" execution approach, which is:

Why Intelliswift

Comprehensive team composition with competencies in industry, function, technology, and user experience.

Why Intelliswift

Inherently iterative at every stage to ensure stakeholder buy-in and to generate fortnightly business value.

Why Intelliswift

A proven DNA of building solutions to accelerate delivery and embed best practices while ensuring consistency and reuse.

Why Intelliswift

A delivery model that inspires true value-based outcomes for our Salesforce clients by applying best practices, human experience, & automation guidelines in every project.

Why Intelliswift

Led by a team with deep industry and entrepreneurial experience in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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