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We believe startups are inherently synonymous with “new”. From inventing new processes to creating new products, to designing new user experiences, startups are pioneers of innovation and masters of agile, highly customer-centric solutions. A startup on the road to growth is inundated with a long list of tasks and challenges. Intelliswift, with its proven expertise in catalyzing the growth trajectory for startups for more than 20 years, can be your trusted partner to overcome your challenges.

Intelliswift offers a host of solutions and services for startups, from building new products to modernizing existing ones. Our best-in-class iSTRIDE framework and accelerators enable your innovative ideas to embrace success and longevity.

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Grow Faster with Intelliswift

Lack of skilled resources for product development and the lack of time to build in-house teams, often become deal-breakers in the course of a technology startup’s evolution. Intelliswift alleviates this struggle by working closely with our clients and creating a unified ecosystem with a core focus and passion for rolling out a world-class product, that is faster to market and is highly scalable.

Our startup-focused product engineering approach is designed to scale your technology initiatives rapidly – we are a flexible/adaptable partner of choice.

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Our Services

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Concept & Ideation

The ideation stage is a highly collaborative effort involving deep product and design thinking. We work closely with our customers to comprehend their ideas and provide them the ability to convert ideas into realities. Our team of seasoned technology and UX consultants are highly adept at industry best practices and market trends, enabling you to build a robust, foolproof MVP product.

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Develop & Launch

Converting an idea into a marketable product requires a comprehensive understanding and expertise, on both the technology and domain side. With Intelliswift, startups are aided through this phase by tons of inputs with respect to market research, minimum viable product definition, and user experience, which eventually develops an end-to-end product roadmap, from prototype to launch.

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Scale & Sustain

The growth of your startup may bring more unwarranted challenges to your table. For instance, scaling up a startup necessitates increasing the overall revenue without any steep increase in spending. By partnering with Intelliswift, startups can benefit from our end-to-end service offerings covering core product engineering, modernization, and sustenance engineering practices. Our approach ensures that you can focus on your core offerings while we take care of all your overheads, optimizing costs, and limiting operational spending.

Our Key Offerings

Keeping up with technology creates a competitive edge for businesses. At Intelliswift, we assist in building products that are
relevant and adaptable to future changes. Our engineers facilitate you to deliver high-value agile solutions that
are built to match your speed of innovation. Our key offerings include:

Product advisory
& consulting

  • Product conceptualization/MVP
  • Usability assessment and improvement
  • Architecture design and recommendations
  • Technology modernization
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Engineering and

  • UI/UX Design
  • MVP and prototype
  • Greenfield and Brownfield product development
  • Product re-engineering, modernization, and integration
  • Performance engineering
  • Applied AI, analytics, & insights
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Product lifecycle

  • Product testing (automation/ security/ performance)
  • DevSecOps and infra management
  • Product support and sustenance engineering
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Intelliswift’s iSTRIDE is a 360-degree framework combining technical processes and product strategy dimensions for fostering innovation
& embedding the product engineering discipline. iSTRIDE weaves all essential ingredients of successful product building such as product
thinking, innovation, thought leadership, scrum/agile/DevSecOps mindset, architectural/data expertise, all encapsulated through a
strong organizational culture that encourages and supports the ecosystem to the core.

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Our Key Differentiators

  • Shared captive innovation & technology COE
  • Outcome-based and value-driven
  • Architecture expertise and product mindset
  • Rapid Agile Focused

Why Intelliswift?

Intelliswift is a Silicon-Valley based engineering services firm specializing in product engineering – we work with some of the fastest-growing
startups to some of the most acclaimed technology clients in the valley. Product Engineering is our DNA, and our relentless focus
on helping our customers build market-winning products is what makes us stand out!

With deep expertise in catalyzing startups’ growth and leveraging best-in-class processes, we have a proven framework, known as
iSTRIDE – a product engineering framework for startups.

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full-stack pod

At Intelliswift, we deploy dedicated startup pods comprising multiple configurable skills, including UI/UX, Front End Developers, Data, AI/ML, Cloud, Integration, and QA experts who are essential for startup growth. These plug-and-play pod teams are great enablers of a swift engineering team and form extensions of your existing teams, by working closely with your product owners.

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Our flexible & unique engagement models are defined for startup business agility. With our association, startups get access to our core engineering teams and COE, for solving critical challenges across all the product development lifecycle stages, right from concept to launch to sustain.

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Our highly skilled technologists enable you to stay ahead of the curve- helping you to do more with less, weaving innovation deep into your startup. We are passionate about technology and share an exuberant attitude to product rollouts, and continuously strive for better customer experiences.

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Once associated, we aim to foster lasting relationships with our customers. We offer an extended team for supporting product sustenance, augmenting operational excellence, driving revenue, and consolidating your market position. We operate as one team and aim to keep a razor-sharp focus on the outcomes we provide.

Our Success Stories

Success Stories

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Customized, and
Mobile-Friendly Application

Success Stories

Platform Modernization
for a Large Loyalty
Programs Company


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