Technology Solutions

Stay ahead of new challenges, optimize digital
transformation and launch new business models
despite rapidly changing markets.

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Technology Solutions

Stay ahead of new challenges, optimize digital
transformation and launch new business models
despite rapidly changing markets.



The pandemic reinstituted the Technology industry as a trendsetter in innovation – albeit disrupting the marketplace that compelled further innovation. Technology businesses that have failed to catch up with the rapid growth and dynamism during these times have revealed key concerns that lurk underneath the Technology sector like skills gap, lack of value-driven product engineering, and the inability to scale.

As a leading services and solutions provider to several Technology startups, mid-sized and enterprises across the globe, Intelliswift can tackle your unique challenges, and enable streamlined and value-driven digital processes to satiate your end customers. Our subject matter experts empower our clients to embrace new strategies and find new ways to increase business output - through innovation-led engineering, deep analytics-driven platforms, and people-centric solutions.

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Our Offerings

Product and Process Modernization

Technology businesses need to stay ahead of the demand curve at all times- as old systems and applications grow obsolete, product modernization is ideal to take advantage of hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures. Our product modernization capabilities help you to modernize operating models, products, and processes, in turn maximizing your agility and operational efficiency.

Our four-step process includes:

  • Understanding current state of the platform, key technical & business drivers and constraints for modernization.
  • Assessing technical and business requirements, capabilities, cost, and options for platform modernization.
  • Experimenting with the most suitable option to achieve desired future state for platform.
  • Preparing a strategic and tactical program plan to carry out actual platform modernization.

Enterprise Digitization

The Coivd-19 pandemic has amplified the urgency for Technology enterprises to innovate and to become agile and resilient. Our digital enterprise solutions are a holistic portfolio of software and automation solutions designed to digitalize your organization’s value chain, enabling connectivity and transparency for better efficiencies. Our delivery framework combines industry standards and best practices to provide customized solutions for the Technology industry.

Our expertise spans across:

  • Developer Productivity
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Enterprise Digital Experience Solutions
  • Business Process Automation, Low-Code/No-Code Solutions
  • Blockchain, AR/VR/MR

Cloud Optimization

Deriving value from the cloud in a data-intense global market is non-negotiable. Businesses must resort to fail-proof infrastructures that are scalable, agile and responsive. Intelliswift’s data-led cloud services support mission-critical IT through deploying hybrid or cloud-native infrastructures. We integrate automation and intelligence to deliver a fast, secure and flexible deployment of cloud-enabled business solutions.

Our expertise includes:

  • Cloud Advisory Services
  • Cloud Migration & Transformation
  • Cloud Managed Services
  • Cloud Native Product Engineering

Intelligent Automation

AI/ML-driven test automation or ‘intelligent automation’ plays a key role in accelerating engineering process – as it enables higher efficiency with low to no error rates, reduces operational risks, and improves response times. Our intelligent automation services reflect a strong commitment to evidence-based decision-making and continuous improvement – with self-generation and self-healing capabilities that are coupled with predictive analytics & continuous feedback.

Our offerings & solutions include:

  • Consultancy & Advisory Services
  • Business Assurance
  • Specialty Assurance
  • Next-Gen, Autonomous Assurance

Advanced Analytics

From personalized engagement with customers to predictive resolution to decisions relating to supply chain, marketing, and human resources, leveraging data effectively is what sets digital leaders apart. Intelliswift’s data management & analytics services help you to learn new insights by simplifying data management, leveraging AI/ML and building analytics in a bid to stay competitive in the intense new age of data complexities.

Manage your data assets with our battle-tested team of data experts:

  • Data Architecture & Platforms
  • Data Ingestion & Engineering
  • Data Stewardship
  • Data Analytics & Visualization
  • Data Science

Specialized Services


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