Specialty Services

Craft and offer new expertise to transform
your end user’s digital experience.

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As businesses embrace new & disruptive digital services to reshape end customers' experience, your organization must accelerate digital adoption, or risk falling behind. Our modern connected world is powered by technologies that are always-on and integral to creating unique engagements. Businesses need to reinvent the wheel and create ecosystems that meet the digital quotient of their customers.

Intelliswift’s Specialty Services enable you to leverage our Technology Strategy, Digital Assurance, Digital Infrastructure, and User Experience & Design services to deliver a bespoke omnichannel experience. Our specialists leverage their industry and practice expertise to architecting a robust ecosystem for your business – refining process, technology, and people where needed.

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Our Offering

Technology Strategy

Our Technology Strategy team can help you evaluate and assess your current state, shape up to your desired state, & identify key enablers that include technology, tools, processes and approach.

Digital Assurance Services

Our all-round expertise around technology, platforms, security, GRC, business process, data analytics as well as AI/ML, ensures that your technology core remains robust, scalable and secure.

Digital Infrastructure Services

Our comprehensive understanding of all layers of infrastructure enables us to provide continuous, uninterrupted, and effective business services.

User Experience & Design Services

Our expertise in mobile, web, eCommerce, wearables, etc. deliver a great end-customer experience, maximizing your ROI and increasing brand recall.

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