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Data Pipelining

Build modern data pipelines that are scalable and secure.



Data pipelines are essential for enabling quick data analysis for business insights. We, at Intelliswift, understand the importance of preserving data as it passes through its varied phases. Our tailored solutions enable businesses to ensure consistent data quality and the resultant output for favorable data analysis. Our pre-defined solutions enable you to develop your own data pipelines without the need of hiring specialized data scientists.

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Data Pipelining Architecture

A robust data pipeline should be capable of dealing with structured, unstructured, and streaming data sources. Additionally, a well-built data pipeline should be capable of cleansing, standardizing, encrypting your data, and making it AI-enabled. Intelliswift's technology expertise along with our Koios platform provides event-based, data-driven workflows that can help your organizations to prepare for downstream analytics.

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Seamless, configurable data extraction,
transformation & load

Intelliswift's technology expertise along with our Koios platform supports asynchronous, continuous, real-time, batch, or any such combination of data sources.

Data from multiple sources (social media channels, emails, sensor(s), organizational documents, and so on) can be effortlessly ingested and transformed to create a unified data lake.

Key Features

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Scalable and fault-tolerant
infrastructure backbone,
managed via Kubernetes
containers, etc.

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Batch-wise & streaming
computation processing

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Seamless integration with
data preparation and
predictive workbench

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Logging and

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Run custom scripts, viz.
Python, SSH, etc.

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