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Amplify end-customer experience by leveraging
data science and embedded intelligence.



Veeva, the multichannel CRM for the global Life Sciences industry, is one of the most widely used CRMs today. Veeva's Commercial Cloud is the foundation for digital excellence powered by data, multichannel CRM, and content management.

At Intelliswift, we help Pharma companies realize this value by leveraging Veeva CRM to create a 360-degree view of their customers, engage with them, and create robust engagement strategies.

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Veeva Services


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We assess your business strategy and goals, aligning them with your Salesforce/Veeva CRM to ensure ROI.


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Our team helps ensure that you get the most out of Salesforce and Veeva through application and data integrations, ensuring your team has the information needed to focus on the leads and contacts that can maximize results.


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We customize and configure Veeva CRM to be specific to your practice by providing the right information to drive sales insights.


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We can help migrate existing customer data accurately into Veeva CRM by utilizing our cloud-based unified data acceleration platform, Koios.

Maintenance and Support

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Our team delivers ongoing support, integration, and services post implementation, ensuring continuous value and smooth operations through our Veeva CRM center of excellence.

A recent survey revealed that pharma companies focusing on customer journeys instead of individual touchpoints correlated with higher customer satisfaction and growth in revenue.- McKinsey

Veeva CoE

Intelliswift understands that the volume of our clients’ work in Veeva fluctuates greatly based on events, such as new product and market launches (as depicted in the chart). This typically adds pressure on Veeva CRM teams, requires costly vendor support, or teams must be overstaffed in the interim to manage the additional workload.

Intelliswift's Veeva CRM CoE solves this issue. Working with our Veeva CoE, your Veeva CRM support can be scaled up and down to meet your demand elastically, without continual retraining or direction.

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Activities Management

  • Medical Events
  • Medical Inquiries
  • Order Management
  • Survey
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Sales & Ops

  • Approved Email
  • Call Reporting
  • Closed Loop Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Scheduling & Planning
  • Sync & Engage
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Account Management

  • Address Management
  • Territory Marketing
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Why Intelliswift

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Customized solutions to suit your business needs, enabling you to unlock the full potential of Veeva CRM

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Drill-down analytics empowering better sales-HCP relations

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Powerful data-sourcing and reporting to forge crude data into actionable insights for your sales and marketing teams

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Enhanced data visibility with quick data analysis and real-time insights for better multichannel campaigns

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Intelliswift is a Salesforce Platinum Partner, allowing us to customize Veeva more robustly instead of simple configurations

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