Intelliswift Launches Cloud Adoption Navigator Framework, ‘iCAN’

Intelliswift Launches Cloud Adoption Navigator Framework, ‘iCAN’

  • by Admin
  • Oct 28, 2020
  • Los Angeles - CA

Intelliswift Software has further strengthened its cloud services offering with the launch of iCAN - a cloud adoption navigator. The company reinstates its cutting-edge approach to cloud technology with the launch of this sophisticated, cloud-based infrastructure agnostic framework. Intelliswift’s cloud services, accompanied by iCAN, are set to align organizational cloud strategies with a clear navigational roadmap.

Onward Journey to Cloud Excellence

The increasing dependence on cloud and cloud-native infrastructures have propelled organizations to evaluate their existing approach. Cloud adoption is less of a technical challenge and more of a digital transformation springboard to improving the business.

“Most companies realize that achieving cloud excellence is more of a challenge compared to mere cloud adoption. Our decades-long association with some of the leading technology players has led to the culmination of iCAN. In addition to our cloud services, we will also help our customers to understand their status quo on the cloud journey, therefore enabling them to adopt and accelerate faster”, said Pat Patel, CEO of Intelliswift Software.

Comprehensive Cloud Solutions by Intelliswift

The iCAN framework is designed to alleviate cloud alignment woes at any stage of cloud adoption- from planning to deployment. Leveraging best-in-class practices, our experts have developed the iCAN framework, which helps organizations to align cloud strategies with business objectives, thus giving maximum ROI from the cloud investments.

“Intelliswift is committed to making enterprises become completely digital by integrating cloud as the foundation of their business, and iCAN is but a natural extension to our existing cloud services portfolio. With iCAN, we aim to maximize business value and minimize the risks of cloud adoption through a well-defined roadmap. iCAN enables your organization to carefully provision critical resources and assess the fundamental changes at the organizational level”, adds Prasenjit Dan, VP – Cloud, Data Platform & Tech Strategy, Intelliswift.

About Intelliswift

At Intelliswift, we are leaders in delivering Digital Product Engineering, Data Management & Analytics, and MSP/VMS staffing solutions to enable more innovative and efficient businesses. Our strategic global locations and delivery centers are home to multidisciplinary teams of technology experts who partner with clients to solve today’s most complex challenges and deliver valuable insights, solutions, and results that impact their business positively. With customer excellence at the core, Intelliswift has established itself as a top service provider, delivering award-winning professional services to over 130+ Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 organizations.

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