Intelliswift Congratulates its Champion LinkedIn-Certified Recruiters

Intelliswift Congratulates its Champion LinkedIn-Certified Recruiters

  • by Admin
  • Aug 25, 2020
  • Newark - CA

Intelliswift is proud to announce the excellent performance of five of its talented recruiters who have qualified “LinkedIn Recruiter Assessment” with a perfect score of 100/100. These top recruiters were the prolific users of LinkedIn and consistently leverage the platform to create economic opportunities for the global workforce. Their outstanding performance has turned them into the role models for their peers and inspired them to showcase their best.

Congratulating the champion recruiters, Intelliswift’s Vice President - MSP Delivery, Addy Singh said, “We greatly appreciate the hard work done by Goutam Jha, Jalaja K, Kishan Bhamre, Dhiraj Bhandari and Smriti Verma. Their achievement added a feather of glory to the successful history of Intelliswift. This exemplary dedication and focus on work will definitely build a strong culture and ethics within the team”.

LinkedIn’s Product Expert Swadha Sharma shared a celebration alert on her LinkedIn page upholding the exceptional performance of the certified recruiters. Appreciating the efforts of the company and its hard working employees, Swadha said “Huge congratulations to Intelliswift Software, Inc. for hiring a team of champion recruiters who will settle for nothing but the best !”

Pat Patel, CEO of Intelliswift Software, Inc. said, “Intelliswift has earned its name in the Talent Solutions industry with years of hard work, consistency, and dedication. Congratulations to our talented recruiters who continue to forge our legacy of remarkable accomplishments.”

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