Actionable Science and Intelliswift Announce Strategic Partnership

Actionable Science and Intelliswift Announce Strategic Partnership

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  • Nov 10, 2020
  • Dublin, CA

Actionable Science and Intelliswift Software, Inc. are pleased to announce their global strategic partnership to integrate Actionable Science's industry-leading auto-resolution platform Rezolve™ for employee service with Intelliswift's world-class Digital Transformation, Digital Product Engineering, and Data Management and Analytics services.

The partnership will enable both companies to leverage common elements of their businesses and enable Intelliswift to offer Actionable Science's AI-driven "auto-resolution" solution Rezolve™ to customers for automation of their employee help desk.

Actionable Science develops a full-stack IT Service platform with prebuilt "auto-resolution skills" to automate Help Desk tasks across leading SaaS platforms. Rezolve™ features an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant to provide personalized first-level support for key enterprise functions, such as IT service help desk, HR support, and Knowledge Management. The virtual assistant leverages advanced technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), process orchestration, data-driven BPM engine, in-built live chat, and case management to focus on "Auto-resolution" of issues and tasks at a fraction of the cost to the enterprise.

"We are excited to collaborate with Intelliswift, a renowned global leader in the Digital Transformation and Digital Product Engineering industry," said Saurabh Kumar, CEO and Co-founder of Actionable-Science. "This partnership enables us to help more enterprises meet their business transformation goals. Having our Rezolve™ solution available for Intelliswift customers will enable more organizations to have access to the right tools to increase self-service adoption and enable "auto-resolution" to automate Employee Help Desk tasks and bring significant value and savings to the organization."

"There has been great traction towards the adoption of Conversation AI-based solutions to automate support services - we are seeing our customers want a more enterprise approach to their service management journey, and Actionable Science's Rezolve™ can help fulfill that. By offering Actionable Science's Rezolve™, we will help our customers transform their business-critical help desk support functions to be more efficient," said Mahendra Gianchandani, VP Partner Strategy, Customer Success of Intelliswift Software, Inc.

"Actionable Science is the perfect partner to align with as we explore new opportunities in a field that is clearly poised for growth," remarks Surej KP, President, Intelliswift. "With Rezolve™ and Actionable Science, Intelliswift will be capable of providing clients with innovative technology combined with deep industry expertise. An increasing number of businesses are seeking to achieve true Digital Transformation and workflow agility, and this partnership offers just that."

About Actionable Science

Actionable Science (, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a fast-growing, leading provider of an auto-resolution platform and artificial intelligence help desk for employee service. Actionable Science's Rezolve™ combines the power of advanced AI with proven customer success methodologies to power a virtuous cycle of unmatched outcomes. Rezolve™ leverages industry-leading 5 types of Artificial Intelligence skills to deliver instant and fully automated Level-1 support for areas like IT Helpdesk and HR Support. Rezolve™ platform makes it easy for a business to harness the power of AI to deliver better employee service while reducing cost. Actionable Science is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and is SOC2 and GDPR compliant.

About Intelliswift Software, Inc.

Intelliswift is a leader in delivering Digital Product Engineering, Data Management Analytics, and MSP/VMS Staffing solutions to enable more innovative and efficient businesses. Our strategic global locations and delivery centers are home to multidisciplinary teams of technology experts who partner with clients to solve today's most complex challenges to deliver valuable insights, solutions and results that impact your business. Customer excellence is at our core, resulting in Intelliswift as a top vendor, delivering award-winning professional services to over 10+ Fortune 100 and 124+ Fortune 500 organizations.

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