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KOIOS – Intelliswift's Unified Data and Analytics Platform

  • 11 November, 2016

In the present dynamic digital realm, organizations face the daunting task of managing enormous amounts of data from diverse sources that can hinder their decision-making abilities. This is exactly where Koios steps in, offering remarkably precise statistical, predictive, and spatial data analytics solutions without coding expertise or extensive technical knowledge.

Koios uses AI to turn data into actionable insights. Its low-code, no-code platform allows business managers to become data scientists, making strategic decisions quickly and efficiently. With a 360-degree view of data from ingestion to visualization, Koios supports data pipelines, munging, ETL, predictive and deep learning, self-service BI, and dashboards, making it the go-to platform for data analytics.

Since each business has unique data needs, Koios, our analytics platform, offers a no-code ecosystem allowing business users to create customized AI-and ML-powered dashboards. Koios seamlessly integrates with leading cloud platforms and can be hosted on-premise. Also, businesses can easily make informed decisions and attain a competitive advantage in the digital landscape.

Get all the information you need about our Koios platform by referring to the datasheet.

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