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Intelliswift's Veeva CRM Capabilities

  • 25 April, 2023

The advent of technology has made the competition in the pharmaceutical industry even more cutthroat. To succeed, pharmaceutical companies have recognized the need to use their knowledge of customers and the market to fine-tune their sales and marketing tactics.

Veeva is a well-known multichannel customer relationship management (CRM) platform that has gained popularity in the global Life Sciences industry. It offers comprehensive tools and features to help life sciences companies improve customer engagement, drive sales growth, and enhance overall commercial effectiveness. Veeva's Commercial Cloud is the foundation for digital excellence in the life sciences industry, combining the power of data, multichannel CRM, and content management.

Intelliswift has introduced a scalable solution to support Veeva CRM operations for its Pharma clients. This solution allows clients to share their best practices and addresses the challenge of fluctuating work volumes caused by events such as new product launches and market changes. We help Pharma companies leverage Veeva CRM to create a 360-degree view of their customers and create robust engagement strategies.

Read our datasheet to learn about Intelliswift's service Portfolio for Veeva CRM.

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