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iGen - Intelliswift's CA Gen Modernization Solutions

  • 04 April, 2023

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, companies are increasingly focused on modernizing their operations. However, this push for innovation comes with its own challenges, particularly when dealing with mainframe applications such as CA Gen and its related applications. These legacy systems often lack the flexibility required to seamlessly integrate with modern technologies, leaving IT teams of traditional incumbents under immense pressure to find ways to modernize, re-architect, upgrade, re-platform, expose, and incorporate their back-office applications to unlock real business value.

Intelliswift offers iGEN, an automated re-platforming tool that uses a bottoms-up approach to convert your enterprise's current CA Gen system. The tool employs COBOL code based on language concepts and includes a Code Analysis feature that provides a comprehensive overview, dependency analysis, and insights into your present system.

We can help you quickly assess your CA Gen application's migration readiness with technical data points and provide support to make informed decisions based on the organization's future goals. Download our datasheet today to discover how Intelliswift can help you transition smoothly from CA Gen to cloud-native.

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