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iCAN Intelliswift's Cloud Adoption Navigator

Cloud adoption is critical for digital transformation, but organizations face obstacles that impede success. Challenges include application rationalization, biased vendor selection, bandwidth estimation errors, lack of optimization practices, absence of SLAs, cloud lock-in misconceptions, security assumptions, backup/archiving mismatches, and unreliable services. These hurdles result in financial losses and hinder goal achievement.

iCAN is a cloud-based framework that addresses cloud adoption challenges. It offers methodologies, models, and tools to guide organizations efficiently and cost-effectively toward their desired cloud state. Like navigation apps, iCAN acts as a guidance tool, helping organizations identify the most suitable path for their cloud journey based on their drivers and criteria. With iCAN, organizations confidently navigate cloud adoption, achieving optimal outcomes aligned with their goals.

We have delivered exceptional results with iCAN framework, boasting a nearly 100% success rate in customer engagements over the past three years. Our customers have reaped substantial benefits, including vital cost savings averaging around 30% compared to their initial projections.

Unleash the power of cloud adoption with Intelliswift's iCAN framework. Explore our datasheet for transformative insights!

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