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Intelliswift's Problem Management Solution Decreases Mean Time to Repair (MMTR) by 25% for a Multinational Tech Company

  • 25 April, 2023

It's crucial for companies to upgrade their systems and leverage the latest technological advancements and capabilities to stay in step with the evolving business landscape. Recently, we worked with a client whose American retail empire was hindered by an outdated point of sale (POS) system, unable to meet modern retail demands like integrated inventory management and ERP and financial systems. The client also lacked agility, affecting operational efficiency and workflows.

To tackle this, Intelliswift introduced a Problem Management System that identified issues impacting efficiency, reducing the incident trend by 10%. Additionally, we actively participated in infrastructure support and upgrade to eliminate all incidents, boosting the client's CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) from 70% to 90% in just six months.

Our case study offers a detailed account of the client's challenges, our solution, and the benefits we provided. Download a copy to learn more.

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