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Conversational AI Revolution: Top 3 Ways to Make it Work for Your Organization

  • By Sanjay Kalra, Associate Vice President, Digital Engineering
  • 17 October, 2017

In just over a decade since Apple introduced Siri on iPhone 4s, Conversational AI has come a long way indeed. From Siri and Google Assistant on #smartphones, to the ubiquitous Amazon Alexa around your home, to old IVR’s being replaced by IVAs (Intelligent Virtual Agents) in contact centers.

Conversational AI

Callan Schebella, Five9 makes some great points
about where the technology is headed next. Context awareness is huge as that will lead to dramatic increase in the ability of AI to understand intents. And Google already demonstrated its Duplex technology — which will eventually become a viable personal agent.

On the customer service/contact center front, the changes are likely to be exponential. With the #pandemic accelerating Digital Transformation and Work From Anywhere trends, in the future everyone in the organization will be a customer service agent. A mix of IVA’s, automation, and Agent Assist type applications will be widely adopted. Computer Vision, AR, and other advancements will make the remoteness of the employee increasingly less of an issue. (If doctors can diagnose your symptoms over Zoom, there is no reason to believe that a tech support agent cannot walk you through your complicated Dolby Atmos setup by essentially being there with you, looking at all those ports and cables, with AI talking into their ears bringing up knowledge articles associated with the task. I just set up my 9.1.2 home theater speakers, and I’m sure you can relate to that!!!).

The keys to enterprises trying to leverage #ConversationalAI and accelerating the benefits are:
1. Improved development tools

To bring in a larger pool of business folks / non-developers into the domain. The trend toward #low-code, #no-code tools for conversation design are critical here. Google Cloud’s new #DialogflowCX (part of its Contact Center AI / #CCAI) is a great leap forward in that direction. Developers are impossibly short in supply — these trends would enable a much larger pool of line of business folks to develop applications.

2. Seamless integration

The success of your IVA depends entirely on its ability to pull the requisite information from a smorgasbord of underlying transactional and knowledge systems in the organization. It’s heartening to see Google Cloud and other vendors make huge strides in number of out of the box connectors, and an #API friendly architecture.

3. AI augmented humans

Are just as critical as entirely #AI-based automation. Solutions from leaders like Uniphore that help agents deliver better resolutions to customers are key.

Conversational AI is fast-emerging as a springboard for integrating AI, automation, and digitization in the enterprise. Intelliswift can help you thrive with effective adoption strategies and solutions. Reach us at for more insights on Conversational AI trends and see how we can help your business harness this technology in 2022.

Conversational AI

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