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Next-Gen Automation with iAssure: Intelliswift's AI-Driven, Auto-Remedial Testing

  • 08 November, 2017

In today's business landscape, Agile engineering is more important than ever. However, traditional test automation methods often lead to bottlenecks that can slow down release cycles, hampering businesses' ability to meet the demands for innovative software and applications delivered quickly. That's where intelligent automation comes in, and at Intelliswift, we understand the power it can bring to accelerating the engineering process.

Our iAssure methodology helps businesses embrace DevOps culture with faster release cycles, reduced operational risks, and improved response times. We use AI/ML and predictive analytics for high-quality software. Our multi-dimensional approach includes proven solutions, frameworks, and certified consultants to transform the quality and outperform peers.

Intelliswift understands that every business has unique requirements, so we tailor our solutions to meet the customer's requirements. Our comprehensive methodology includes consulting, advisory services, technical processes, and Quality Assurance dimensions, making us the ideal partner to help businesses navigate their Agile engineering journey.

To learn more about how iAssure can help your business excel in Agile engineering, download the datasheet today!

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