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Intelliswift's Agile Implementation Lowers Manual Efforts of a Global Tech Enterprise by 70%

  • 12 July, 2017

One of our clients needed help with their existing system. Poor scrum agile implementation had led to employee chaos, while the lack of backlog grooming had resulted in confusion and ambiguity across teams. Additionally, agile ceremonies such as sprint reviews and retrospectives were not being followed strictly. As a result, their existing system needed to be improved, hindering growth and productivity.

Our team developed an Event Management System for the retailer, constantly monitoring and validating store asset data, flagging anomalous events by raising alarms, and automating work order creation. We also interacted with the service channel system of record and sent alarms and works order escalation notifications to fix or plan IT apps used by store associates, ensuring quick issue resolution and minimal impact on productivity.

Read our case study to learn how Intelliswift's Agile implementation lowered the manual efforts of a global tech enterprise by 70%.

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