The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted hiring plans for many business, which are typically functioning as Virtual Organizations today. Virtual hiring and on-boarding, identifying the right talent, and strain on hiring budgets, are challenges that these Virtual Organizations struggle to cope with.

We understand that hiring permanent employees in the prevailing unstable economy is an important decision that needs to be weighed carefully. Moreover, the adoption of remote working and recruiting has posed several challenges to organizations across the world. Organizations, more than ever, need a hiring partner that is equipped with the right database, tools, and technologies, to help overcome these difficulties and address business needs with minimum resistance.

Intelliswift has been the talent solutions partner of choice of many Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, before and during Covid-19. Our ability to leverage our decades of experience, to today’s extremely challenging environment, continues to endear us to our global clientele.

Driving Better Conversions with A Personalized Approach

We have redefined our existing recruitment processes & methods to accommodate the new business needs of virtual organizations. Our team dedicates time to understand your requirements and indentifies candidates that are the right cultural fit for your organization. The candidates we select undergo extensive evaluations, to identify their potential effectiveness and impact on your business.

Our proven methods for sourcing candidates, result in delivery excellence, every single time. We implement multiple channels and tools such as job aggregators, SaaS-based solutions, AI and automation tools, Applicant Tracking Systems, and Talent CRM tools for faster turnaround, thus decreasing the time to hire. With our global sourcing proficiencies and existence in 11 countries, we have the ability to recruit globally, year-round.

Why Intelliswift


Dedicated team of
seasoned recruiters
provide permanent
placement services


Consultative approach
to gain a deep
understanding of your
specific requirements


Deep candidate
database paired with a
targeted plan to recruit
the best talent


candidate evaluation
and multi-step
screening processes


A partner
throughout and
beyond the
recruiting process

Capitalize Intelliswift’s expertise for the best
recruitment solutions and position your business
for growth amidst competition

Business Benefits of Intelliswift’s Permanent Placement Services


Mitigate any
hidden costs
of hiring


to fill




Identify and own a
specialized workforce


Centralize your
decision making via
analytics dashboards

Intelliswift’s Value Addition

Proven Global



Coverage and

Value Beyond


Track Record

On-boarding &

Awards And Recognitions

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Intelliswift Outlook

Hiring for a Virtual Organization can be catastrophic if not done properly. Talent Solutions for Virtual Organizations
need to be transformational in terms of policies, processes, and methodologies.

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