Business Transformation

Business Transformation practices can help you develop the right business model. Cloud strategies make use of various technologies and platforms to make this transformation flexible, reliable and cost-effective with your business goals. It can create and deliver value in new ways by removing proprietary boundaries, improving market reach and empowering innovation. There are a plethora of services and strategies available for transforming to the cloud based upon the type of your business. For example, a CRM or an ERP solution based upon the type of your business.


  • Complete or partial transformation with complete improvement
  • Sustainability and continuous performance improvement
  • Agility in developing and transforming the business plan
  • Cost-effective due to pay-per-use model
  • Usage-based model avoiding over-provision and over-pay
  • Increased speed of deployment
  • Enhanced workforce productivity
  • Responsive and rich applications for communicating where and when needed
  • Secure, stable and compliant offerings in terms of regulatory requirements for enterprises
  • Enables organizations to take advantage of market transitions
  • Optimized resources due to Opex (operational expenditure) model
  • Drives growth and innovation


Why Intelliswift?


  • Experience and expertise in design and implementation of business transformation initiatives
  • Complete assistance to clients for setting their business transformation vision
  • No disruption to your business operations during transformation
  • Thorough workload storage and resources identification
  • Real and tangible benefits to your business

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