Application Development

Applications Development services provide application consulting, custom application development, testing and quality assurance services. They accelerate the delivery of high quality business applications with fewer defects, less rework, and lower cost. The Cloud platforms provide a number of standard features already present, just point-and-click away. You can also custom develop an application to fit to your business requirements using the proprietary language environment provided with the platform. Apart from these, most of the Cloud platforms include a Sandbox environment for testing and quality assurance services.


  • Real-time ability to access and share information
  • Standardized yet customizable design and development
  • Easy to use functionalities
  • Negligible demand for hardware and software with keen focus on the business goals
  • Self-provisioned development and testing that does not depend upon the hardware and software in the data center of your organization
  • Increased productivity through better application performance
  • Network resiliency to maintain application uptime
  • Increased operational effectiveness


Why Intelliswift?


  • Quality development of business applications
  • Operational efficiency and sustained competitive advantage
  • Collaborative development of applications and scaling them as required
  • Mobile Cloud Computing serving myriad mobile devices anytime, anywhere regardless of specific environment and platform
  • Customized application development according to the business requirements
  • Unified user experience across a large variety of devices and environments

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