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Today's customer is omni present, hence, an omni channel approach to retailing is paramount. To be present at all intersections of the customers' daily lives, is what an effective retailer should continuously focus on.

At Intellisiwft, we help you enhance your customer experience by completely transforming your business into an effective digital enterprise. Our team of architects / engineers design and implement end-to-end solutions across mobility, data analytics, cloud migrations, security, M2M/ IoT, unified communications, and social computing. The solutions are planned keeping your unique needs in mind, hence, making sure it's always the right solution for you in terms of costs and effectiveness.

Key Areas of Focus

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Customer Experience & Engagement

Keep them engaged at all relevant
intersections, even when not buying
your products. This keeps them
coming back.

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Marketing Effectiveness

In-depth analytics & insights on what
the customer needs and wants are, based
on intrinsic as well as extrinsic
behavorial patterns identified.

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Business Transformation

Customers are now demanding rich
shopping experiences that are personalized,
hyperconnected, and engaging. This makes
it imperative for retailers to be
agile and tranform as needed.


Transformation Services
[ In store & Omnichannel ]

Inelliswift's retail business tranformation
services enable you to serve your
customers in an integrated manner,
viz. in-store & omnichannel.

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AI/ ML driven Data
Management & Analytics

Intelliswift has extensive experience
with data management, analytics, visualization
solutions & frameworks viz. Oracle,
Snowflakes, Tableau etc.

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Enterprises across the globe are
already experiencing the need for
cloud adoption. According to Gartner,
worldwide public cloud services.

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Application Development &
Management Services

Our team of engineers are adept with
the latest technologies & methodologies
so as to provide you with the most
advanced systems with one of the
fastest turn around times in
the industry.

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Digital Infrastrucutre

With our team's in depth understanding
of ITIL based management processes and
know-how of all the available technologies
for managing each layer of infrastructure,
we provide you with the most optimized
plug and play service setup available
in the market today.

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The retail industry is witnessing rapidly evolving technologies and changing customer expectations, while emerging digital sales enablement channels are driving widespread disruption.

At Intelliswift, we have desgined solutions that would give your customers rich shopping experiences that are personalized, hyper-connected, and engaging.

We enable these solutions by leveraging the various data streams and connected devices, software defined infrastructure, cloud enabled scalable infrastructure, and outcomedriven digital platforms.

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Next-Gen Shopping Experience

Making you agile to adopt to
new user behavior and changing
accordingly and in the process
redifining customers shopping

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