Intelliswift Invited to Speak at World BPA, Cognitive and AI Summit

Intelliswift Invited to Speak at World BPA, Cognitive and AI Summit

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  • Aug 22, 2019
  • Bangalore, India

Bangalore, India – August 2019

The World BPA, Cognitive and AI Summit, hosted by the technology consulting firm 1.21 GWs, explored the ever-changing path through which artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies, and business process automation are continuing to restructure the business processes of today and future. Sanketh Krishnappa, Engagement Director, Digital Transformation at Intelliswift Software, Inc. participated in the panel discussion on RPA Plus – Beyond Business Process Automation (BPA), the next intelligent automation move.

Hosted at the Novotel Bengaluru Outer Ring Rd Bellandur, Bengaluru on Thursday, August 30th; the speaker's list also includes Sanjay Ahuja, Vice President of Accenture; George Mundassery - SVP, Global Head of Tech Mahindra; Saket Bansal, Automation Consulting Leader of IBM; and Vikram Balakrishna, Senior Enterprise Architect of Capgemini.

The panel discussion revolved around the influences of AI and ML on future RPA workflows, resulting in intelligent process automation (IPA) solutions. The implementation of IPA helps the organizations to reduce operational costs and response time, reduce the processing errors, increase compliance, and enhance the customer experiences. The panel also enlightened the audience about  sentiment analysis, a branch of Natural Language Processing (NLP), that helps marketers increase brand awareness, brand advocacy, customer satisfaction, and customer expectations by analyzing their opinion and sentiments when they engage on social media or e-commerce platforms. Cloud services for cognitive services, AI influence on chatbot handling, building multiple user personas for handling questions from various user level of intelligence were the other areas the panel shed light on.

Sanketh concluded the discussion with “The strategy and solution for IPA should not be tool/platform-centric, rather it should utilize platforms which provide easy technology integration like any other enterprise application to give better control to enterprises rather than binding solutions to tool limitations. This enables enterprises to utilize their existing workforce rather than building new COEs.”

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About RPA Summit Bangalore

RPA Technology is the next frontier for businesses. This RPA Summit held in Bangalore was one of the largest gatherings of its kind of developers and IT professionals and brought together some of the top minds in RPA development and coding, enabling the developer community to discuss the technology behind RPA, overcoming future challenges and self-learning. Expert leaders of International repute from leading companies attended the summit as delegates and speakers.

About Intelliswift Software, Inc.

Intelliswift is a leader in delivering Digital Product Engineering, Data Management & Analytics, and MSP/VMS staffing solutions to facilitate innovative and efficient businesses. Intelliswift’s strategic global locations and delivery centers are home to multidisciplinary teams of technology experts who partner with clients to solve today’s most complex challenges and deliver valuable insights, solutions, and results that impact their business positively. With customer excellence at the core, Intelliswift has established itself as a top service provider, delivering award-winning professional services to over 130+ Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 organizations.

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