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Product/Technology Modernization


The IT revolution has come a long way, and is continuously evolving at break neck speed. Hence, to modernize and constantly upgrade your product/ technology is not a matter of choice anymore.

Intelliswift can help you in your modernization journey, whatever point you may be at. We can provide the deep technology know-how, proven processes, and domain experience to help you realize the benefits while mitigating the disruption.

Key Benefits to Organizations

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Latest technology

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Improved customer

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Better support
ecosystem availability

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Speed & global

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Scalable & secure

Our Offerings


Your technology stack is the building
block of your product modernization
efforts. Intelliswift helps technology
creators upgrade and optimize their
technology stacks for agility,
performance, and ROI.


Products today need to be reactive, automated,
distributed (via microservices), have advanced data
processing capabilities, AI/ML based analytics, and
be accessible across interfaces, devices, and
channels. These need an extremly agile and
scalable product architecture.


To truly enhance your product's
accessibility, it is paramount to have an
optimized cloud adoption plan. With iCAN,
our cloud adoption framework, we make
sure that your needs are duly met with the
maximum ROI possible.


New products today are required to derive powerful
insights, determine probabilistic events, identify
patterns, make informed decisions and more -- with
minimal human intervention. With our next-gen
analytics platform, KOIOS - we enable your
products with the most advanced analytics engine
available today.


Your product's user experience must be seamless,
intuitive, and consistent across platforms and
devices. Intelliswift's UX/UI division concentrates
on augmenting product experience, ensuring the
key features are easily accessible and ensures
maximum engagement.

Why Us

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10+ years of
experience in product
modernizations & migrations

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On-demand resource

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Best in class speed to
market using various and
relevant methodologies

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Highly skilled workforce &
updated with the latest
technology stack

Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Intelliswift Enables 30% Reduction in P1/P2 Incidents Through Proactive Problem Management for a Leading API Management Platform

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Our Success Stories

Intelliswift Averts Product End-of-Life Challenges Through Strategized Support for a Global Leader in API Management

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Our Success Stories

Infrastructure Automation and Maintenance for a US-based API Management Platform

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