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AI is the fastest growing field in Data Science. While there is a lot of literature, theories & models around it, it is imperative that the application of AI should be aligned to your specific context. This is where our practice of Applied AI and Product Analytics helps you choose the right path, tools, platforms & processes that would make sure the outcomes for your products are accretive from the word go.

Our Capabilities

Intelliswift has developed 25+ reusable AI components to help jumpstart your AI adoption, viz. Instance Segmentation I Document Understanding
I SQL Query Generator I Knowledge based QnA I Entity Extraction and many more.

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Cognitive Services

Vision API

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  • Computer vision
  • Emotion
  • Video indexer
  • Face

Speech API

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  • Translator speech
  • Speaker recognition

Language API

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  • Web language model
  • Text analytics

Knowledge API

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  • Recommendation
  • Academic knowledge
  • QnA maker
  • Entity linking

Machine Learning


Access the computational and
storage infrastructure and tools
required to accelerate your work
in deep learning with our iCAN
cloud adoption framework


Through our predictive
workbench, stay a step ahead and
exceed customer expectation by
implementing JIT actionable
insights for your

Statistical Modeling
& Data Mining

Discover hidden opportunities by
transforming the way data is collected,
analyzed, interpreted or explained, and
presented through our pre-built data
connectors giving you access to data
libraries that enhance the quality of data
per your requirements


Develop future-ready
products that learn and adapt
with time and usage

Image Processing and Text-Audio-Video Analytics

Services images

Image Analytics

Image processing
Optical character recognition
Instance segmentation
Object detection & identification

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Video Analytics

Video analytics
Face identification
Gesture recognition
Person tracking

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Text Analytics

Natural language processing
Search & retrieval
Information extraction
Text mining
Language translation

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Audio Analytics

Audio classification
Voice recognition
Speech synthesis
Conversational interfaces
Speaker diarization

Natural Language Processing & Understanding

Processing images

Conversational Interfaces/Chatbot

  • Health – Search nearby doctors & hospitals by specialty areas
  • Travel & hospitality – Provide guests with useful and interesting information

Processing images

Search & Retrieval

  • Enable product search
  • Transform digital content monetization
  • Create user friendly search filters for reports

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Question/ Answering

  • Enhance customer service
  • Empower team members with relevant information to boost conversions
  • Create comprehensive FAQ database

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Speech/Voice Recognition

  • Automate call center logs creation
  • Create audio books, lectures, etc.
  • Enable products for voice search

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Text Mining

  • Extract meta-data from content
  • Categorize on the basis of concepts, entities, keywords, categories, relations and semantic roles
  • Generate actionable insights

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Information Extraction

  • Search structured as well as unstructured data to find most relevant information
  • Deliver right information, at the right time
  • Enhance data sets via our proprietary data accelerators

Data Science as a Service

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Cognitive Customer Analytics

  • Customer 360 degree insights
  • Micro segmentation and targeting
  • Recommendation engine
  • Campaign analytics
  • Churn management
  • Click stream analytics
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Next Gen Enterprise Operation analytics

  • Demand analytics
  • Asset analytics
  • Security and risk analysis
  • Sales analytics
  • HR analytics

Our AI Technology Stack

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