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Leverage the power of AI/ML to gain deep insights
and enrich customer experience.



Leverage the power of AI/ML by using componentized pre-trained models used for regression, classification, tree-based, and NLP models.

AI Reusable Component(s)

  • Object detection
  • Text summarization
  • Document classification
  • SQL query generator
  • Audio diarization
  • Contextual chatbot
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Enhance your business decisions

Our AI/ML framework brings advanced analytics and modeling capabilities via our pre-mapped data libraries, statistical modeling, data mining, text and image analytics and many other such data models, empowering you to analyze each business move instantly, and plan the next step accordingly.

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Comprehensive AI/ML Engine

Built using open source libraries and algorithms from R, Spark ML, Python, Keras, Tensorflow, etc., you can create workflows and derive business insights from Intelliswift’s AI/ML engine. Create advanced models and algorithms through custom scripting.

Key Features

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Delivers critical
business insights
in real-time

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Use industry-leading
algorithms and create your
own custom ones

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Supports classification
techniques, viz. Decision
matrix, Naïve Bayes, Pareto
Analysis, etc.

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Create predictive models
based on decision
trees, clustering, logistic
regression, etc.

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Get relational insights via
our pre-mapped business
specific market data sets.

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