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iCAN - Intelliswift’s Cloud Adoption Navigator - is a Cloud-based infrastructure agnostic framework, consisting a set of methodologies, models, and tools that can help enterprises navigate to their desired state in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

We believe cloud adoption is a long-term partnership and not a project with a predefined timeline. It starts off with discovering your needs via organizational understanding and assessment of the current state, followed by designing the solution as per your specific scenario, while the global best practices serve as a guiding reference.

While we weave this new avatar for you, we make sure the original organizational ethos and culture stay intact via appropriate change management activities and proper hand holding for all the stakeholders in order to help them adopt and adapt to this new environment.

We have achieved a success rate of nearly 100% in our customer engagements over the last 3 years with an average cost savings of approx 30% from the initially envisaged outlay by the customer because of the iCAN framework. Moreover, our customers realized the benefits:

  • 10X faster migration
  • Average 32% savings over on-premise
  • 95% uptime benefits

Download the brochure to know our approach towards building an agile, cloud agnostic and scalable infrastructure.

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