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Encounter new, innovative, and informative
ideas in our SME and Thought Leaders’ blogs.

Top 5 Mobility Trends

  • by Intelliswift-Blogger , Admin
  • 10 October, 2016

We no longer live in a mobile-first era; we have transcended into a mobile-centric world following the increasing power of mobility and the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement in IT organizations and enterprises.

The industrial moves are changing according to how customers relate with businesses. Hence, to be on the top, development companies should check out the latest mobility trends and embrace it to stand out in the competition.

Check out the following top 5 mobility trends:

Make way for mobile backend as a service MBaaS systems usually provide push notifications, file sharing and storage, interconnection with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, user management, chat functions, messaging, location services, usage analysis tools, and capability to run business logic. Enterprise focussed MBaaS systems also offer integration with existing databases and applications. Enterprise mobility holds a strategic importance. The adoption of mobile environment has earned a strategic importance as businesses started believing in the power of mobility to drive growth, process improvement, and employee engagement. Enterprise mobility management solutions now offer the required foundation to protect and organise apps, which help enterprises to re-imagine their own business. For developers, the advancement of business apps is perfect because it enhances their focussed market.

Advance analytics tools monetizing the mobile workforce Improvements in analytics tools across Voice over Internet Protocol, CRM, and a lot of other backend platforms is also a part of mobility trends for 2015.

Mobile security is a priority With the increasing focus on cyber security infrastructure, enterprises should start investing in security technologies much more aggressively for various parts of their enterprise mobile infrastructure. In order to do that, users should be concerned about the areas like mobile data privacy, mobile malware detection, mobile app auditing and mobile data privacy, which are becoming much pertinent in the enterprise.

Adoption of wearable’s and IoT (Internet of Things) in enterprise mobility The consumer space has been increased with the increasing adoption of wearable technology and IoT. The surveys say that enterprises will grab wearable at a much faster rate in the next few years. To make optimum use of IoT in mobility, enterprises have to understand the significance of making stand-alone mobile system strategy and placement method, which connect and oversee the real-time data processing.

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