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Encounter new, innovative, and informative
ideas in our SME and Thought Leaders’ blogs.

The future belongs to those who Love the New

  • by Niveeditha A Ganguly, Director - Marketing
  • 22 November, 2021

Brand identity is often confused with visual perception. Of course, the pictorial mark of a brand is undoubtedly the most significant identifiable component to anyone outside the organization; however, there are more aspects that a consumer or client identifies with your brand that are beyond your colors and imagery.

In a world where brands have come, conquered, and disappeared, only some have consistently endured the test of time. So what makes these brands stay? How do they enjoy global recognition while most don't? Per Interbrand's Best Global Brands Report of 2021, brands that have dared to venture beyond the traditional scope of offerings and found ingenious ways to market them are the ones who rule the roost. In other words, businesses that have concocted and delivered something new, with a fresh approach, have enabled the 'New World'.

As the semblance of new normal begins to set in, we are in dire need of businesses that are open to new changes. Remote working, altered consumer behavior, and the fear of the pandemic have all created a capricious economy that continues to pose new challenges – and businesses that are quick to respond and reorganize will find acclimatizing easier. On this journey of adapting to the changing milieu, we find ourselves at the cusp of redefining what our business or brand represents to resonate with clients, especially when we witness the tectonic shift in how organizations and customers connect.

Intelliswift's new branding has been designed to reflect who we are as a company and what we do. As an organization, we have taken giant strides in evolving over the last twenty years. From sourcing and recruiting the right talent for clients to possessing the expertise to build data-rich modern platforms for leading global companies, we have come a long way. We decided it was time we transformed our brand to reposition ourselves as an enabler to forward-thinking businesses in the technology solutions space, primarily in Digital Product Engineering and Data Management & Analytics. We aspire to showcase our capability to quickly adapt and integrate new technologies, challenges, insights, and business processes into the mainstream.

Why 'Love the New'

At Intelliswift, we don't want to limit business success to concepts like speed, innovation, transformation, etc. We believe it is more holistic and deep-rooted than that. So we are propagating a very important attitude, "Love the New" to achieve business success. New can be new technology, a new change like a cultural shift, a new business process, it could be anything that wasn't there before. Success can be achieved only when a business develops the attitude to embrace anything new that comes along. And Intelliswift is here to enable them to do that.

What we hope it leads to

We live in a new world today- a world that's still recovering from the pandemic, where end customers respond to empathy, thoughtfulness, and speed. The increasing need to infuse a human touch in the age of rapid automation has proven to be the ultimate paradox of this post-pandemic era. Contrary to the traditional mindset, even B2B industries are seeing a shift in how brands are perceived- the demand is to see more transparent, empathetic, open, and authentic brands. People need to see businesses as less perfunctory and more human. With this ideology, branding is not just a one-off, visual activity; it is a continuous process of defining ourselves and how we want our stakeholders to perceive us. With this strategic move, we have a four-fold vision of our future:

  • As we have successfully established ourselves as a leading brand for Talent Solutions, we are now on a mission to carve our niche in the digital product engineering, data analytics and management, and the digital enterprise space.
  • We hope that this initiative will resonate with our prospects and clients as a brand that exudes expertise and empathy, focusing on enabling clients to become future-oriented businesses.
  • Our partner ecosystem has been an integral contributor to our success so far. We hope that our renewed branding and outlook continue to portray Intelliswift as a trusted partner to our upcoming and sustained partners.
  • And most importantly, we want to be known for building value by serving our clients, enhancing the lives of our employees, and engineering products and processes that make a positive impact.

Relevancy and empathy are two of the biggest drivers of this brand transformation. The rebranding carries the assurance that we can enable our clients to advance in the face of new changes without wavering. Being nimble and dynamic is crucial for businesses today – but being innovative differentiates them as being future-oriented. As the saying goes, 'You can only innovate when you don't fear the 'new.' So claim your presence in the new world – welcome, embrace and Love the New.

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