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Encounter new, innovative, and informative
ideas in our SME and Thought Leaders’ blogs.

Staying Positive During The COVID-19 Pandemics

  • by Smitha Kamath, Sr. HR Executive
  • 29 September, 2020
Choose Positivity

In times of uncertainty, we may feel depressed and directionless. Such times need us to nurture positivity. Positivity is a mindset that doesn’t just come to us when we need it; it’s something we must practice daily through meditation and yoga to keep us cheerful and energized especially during such times.

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Recognize what you are doing well

It may look tough right now, but you have managed some things really well. Think about the physical, logistical, mental, and emotional struggles you may have encountered during these precarious times and the ways you have chosen to approach and handle those challenges. Keep that tempo going!

Remind yourself of what is good in your life

Some circumstances may be hard to change and leave you hopeless while coping with them. But there are other things that have a good effect on your life and inspire kindness and gratitude. Making a list of the good things that you appreciate, whether large or small, can help shift your focus towards a positive direction.

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Follow A Routine

Following a routine has become all the more important for us when we are quarantined for more than four months now. This practice will help you to be more productive & will keep you positive & focussed.

Reflect on your goals and work towards it

When everything is at a halt, grab the opportunity and make the best use of it. Add up to your skillset, gather more knowledge that will help to accelerate your career. This will also keep the negativity at bay.

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Stay Connected

It’s enthralling to find everyone jumping on a video call together, having a laugh and even having tea breaks together. It makes the day pass faster, and to know that everyone is there for each other makes your period of isolation bearable.

Get some exercise

We need movement for our mental and physical health. Practice the right amount of exercise for staying calm and healthy while at home. Apps like HealthifyMe, Cure.fit etc. help you workout at home and stay motivated during these gloomy quarantine days.

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Follow up on your long lost hobby

Every one of us has hobbies that took a backseat due to lack of time or will. In times of social-distancing, one can pick up those long-lost hobbies. This will also help you relax after the day’s work and also help in creation of happy hormones.

Avoid being addicted to the news

It is alright to stay abreast of the current scenario but do not let it negatively influence you because regular news is skewed towards the negative situations/activities around us. A positive mindset can be formed by staying tuned to positive news and new medical inventions.

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