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Encounter new, innovative, and informative
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Is Your Mobile Recruitment Optimized?

  • by Intelliswift-Blogger , Admin
  • 11 November, 2016

Mobile has created a strong presence in every part of our lives, which helps us stay

connected and collaborated easily. It is inherent in everything, almost every business is using it some or the other way. This incredible technology has brought a revolution in various industrial sectors and ‘talent acquisition’ is one of those domains that are adopting mobile technology as a proficient marketing tool. This tool is helping staffing companies attract the best candidate from the talent pool and support businesses with excellent workforce solutions.

The invention of mobile devices has made job searching an anytime-anywhere activity. According to the Glassdoor State of Mobile Job Search survey, 9 out of 10 job seekers are likely to use this device to search jobs and 45% of job seekers use it at least once in a day. The Pew Research Center released a report stating that a substantial 28% of Americans have used a smartphone for job searching and even filled job applications. These statistical numbers portray a clear picture that mobile has become a key element of job searching, and therefore, companies should seriously look at mobile devices as a crucial medium to facilitate their recruitment strategies.

Mobile Recruitment

Mobile recruitment is a new-age recruitment process that allows companies to capture and engage potential talents regardless of time and location. Many companies are still unaware of the fact that top candidates are visiting their career site through this device. Applicants are looking to submit their resumes quickly. Companies need to seriously consider adopting a mobile recruitment strategy to avoid the risk of losing top talent.

How can companies implement the mobile recruitment strategy?

Following are some of the essential factors for companies to implement the mobile recruitment strategy effectively:

Mobile Optimized Career Website

Look at your website from the candidate’s perspective. Browsing a website on 4.3-inch screen gives a completely different experience than viewing it on a large monitor. If the candidate faces problems like a longer time to load the website page, unreadable content, dependency on hover or drop-down menus for navigation, etc., then there is a great chance that the candidate will immediately leave from your website and would never come back. To avoid this, consider one of the following aspects while evaluating your mobile recruitment strategy:

  1. Develop a native mobile app
  2. Transform your website from a traditional to a responsive one that will automatically adjust to fit in the screen size
  3. Redirect candidates to a mobile site
Application Tracking System

An ATS system is a fundamental part of talent management systems and if it isn’t capable enough, it might curb your mobile recruitment strategy. Therefore, make sure your ATS is mobile-ready and performs the following three important functions:

  • Auto-import the open positions to the mobile website
  • Allow candidates to fill up the application
  • Sync applicant data with ATS
Improve User Experience

User experience compliments the brand experience, therefore, make sure it is of the best quality. For a positive candidate experience, your mobile solution should provide a streamlined application process with easy-to-fill fields.

Social Media & Mobile – A Perfect Combination

We cannot overlook the influence of social media on today’s internet addicted audiences. A major characteristic of social media is it encourages users to spread the information among their connections, causing the viral effect. Social media and mobile go hand-in-hand as they promote the company’s brand value significantly and attract a greater number of highly potential applicants.

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