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How to Hire and Get Hired in Tech Today

  • by Intelliswift-Blogger , Admin
  • 04 October, 2017

Five Reasons Why IT Talent Seekers & Job Seekers Need Recruitment Firms Technologists build solutions. And oftentimes, these solutions are complex (which is ok, we love a good challenge). So it makes sense to say that when it comes to tech hiring, companies assume that the best solution is complex. However, there is a simple solution that many companies often overlook in their tech hiring practices:partnering with IT recruiting firms.

If this seems too biased a solution or too simple a solution to the tech talent crisis—one of the biggest impediments to technology’s potential and progress—consider these facts:

  • Tech unemployment is at 2.5% across the United States, according to the Department of Labor and that is just the average. For certain positions and in highly competitive locations, such as San Francisco, Seattle and New York City, unemployment is even less and sometimes hovers just above 0.
  • Code.org, the tech industry non-profit dedicated to expanding access to computer science, reports on its home page that there are more than 5,30,000 open computing jobs nationwide “while last year only 42,969 computer science students graduated into the workforce”.
  • TechServe Alliance reports that there are six open positions for every ‘one’ technology candidate.

What these talent shortage numbers and our work in the recruitment field reveals is that demand for technology talent is unremittingly tough right now. As digital technologies advance and evolve, skills and job duties change in lockstep with the technology, which creates new talent gaps for employers to fill and new skills for IT professionals to learn. The job of tech recruitment firms is to stay ahead of the technology curve, in tune with the new job market and in constant touch with talent. This triangulation of knowledge, connectedness and resources makes recruitment firms a powerful ally to both businesses and candidates alike, but it’s only a small part of what makes them essential. Here are five additional reasons why IT recruitment experts are indispensable in the struggle to fill today’s IT talent gaps:

#1 - Powerful 'Seek and Find' Capabilities

In a tight job market, hiring managers cannot expect to have candidates flocking to their doors. They have to find ways to actively seek out strong candidates. Recruiting firms live and die by their ability to find and deliver talent to businesses in need. That means going where the candidates are virtually and physically rather than simply checking job boards. They will network across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, which are also powerful talent engagement tools and especially rich places to target sought after passive candidates. They will watch local and regional news and events as well as meetups to track down candidates at industry and tech gatherings. For example, if there is a DevOps conference going on, recruiting firms will send recruiters to the conference to meet and engage strong talent. Recruiters will also attend meet ups for specific skill sets and scour GitHub and open source stacks to engage contributors who are writing articles and readers who are asking smart questions. For recruiting firms, tech talent engagement is an aggressive and competitive hunt that requires far more time and focus than hiring managers and HR teams have.

#2 - Inquiry Intelligence

Anyone can ask a question, right? The real trick is asking the right question. In tech recruiting, where time is short and competition is tough, asking the right questions with speed, efficiency and clarity is an art form. Getting answers to the right questions is what helps tech workers and businesses come together quickly. For job seekers, good recruiters know how to ask the right questions in order to identify what candidates are looking for from the job, culture and career path. For the business, it is imperative to understand the need they are filling and how the job will evolve as technology advances. This level of inquiry is essential to hiring and getting hired.

#3 - Access to Opportunity

Tech workers today want challenges, growth and opportunities to advance and build their skills. Oftentimes, we see that their desire to gain access to disruptive and emerging technologies outweighs their salary desires. In fact, we’ve found that the passion many technologists have to get close to next-gen technologies is the driving force in their careers. For example, right now we are seeing many tech candidates who want to specialize in automation, AI and machine learning. The automation of everyday human activities, such as driving (self-driving cars), deliveries (drones) and customer service (bots), is creating a strong demand for machine learning and AI knowledge and skills, as well as the UI/UX skills to redesign customer engagement around automated systems and robotic tools. Candidates, both passive and active, are eager for access to these opportunities. Today’s IT recruitment firms are at the crossroads of ambitious talent and emerging job opportunities. Both tech workers and tech talent seekers who bring their passion and needs to top recruiting firms are able to gain much- sought-after access to the emerging opportunities and skills they need.

#4 - Out-of- the-Box Thinking

Only one thing stays exactly the same in technology recruitment—relationships. The methods used to identify, engage and hire talent have always adapted and evolved while the strong relationships that lead to excellent hiring are the constant. To balance the continuous advancement of recruitment methods and technologies with the need for solid, human engagement takes inventiveness and out-of- the-box thinking. It also takes recruitment specialization and creativity.

#5 - Optimized Engagement and Onboarding

Tech professionals do not like politics and processes, especially ones that are broken. Good tech recruitment requires making the end-to-end hiring process smooth and seamless from application to onboarding. When talent is scarce, no business can afford to scare off potential hires with poor communications and complex, unclear applications. Recruiting firms are relationship-driven and the most successful ones have become experts in building a candidate experience that is logical, efficient and can move as fast as today’s tech workers can find new employment.

Looking for more reasons to get recruiting support for your hiring needs? Please contact us or for job search visit our careers page.

To share your thoughts on talent shortages and how we can adapt as candidates and employers, please share your comments and questions below.

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