Enabling Enterprise API portals to share key Analytics
Intelliswift Synapse integrates communications between portals, providing key insights to decision makers with our Always-On Analytics Algorithms. The algorithm pulls data from customer touchpoints to predict trends, revealing insightful representation of the customer journey, and painting a complete picture through incremental, prescriptive, and predictive analytics.
Benefits of Synapse
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lntelliswift’s Synapse Enterprise open source portals leverage portal-to-portal API for Self Service Natural Language Conversion Dashboards by using AI for visualizations, insights for the enterprise with our Always-on Analytics algorithms, painting a complete picture of portfolios, (de)commissioning applications, data warehouses, and new applications.

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lntelliswift’s Synapse Portals-as-a-Service will administer portals and analytics and insights 24X7 across the whole enterprise. We supplement the enterprise analytical and operations teams for reaching critical research to business units along with consulting, strategy, operations, PMO strategy and operations, conversions, and advanced QA with AI modeling.

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Intelliswift’s Synapse API Portals have evolved into institutional smart portal platforms that support digital customer experience initiatives, feed models with structured and unstructured data, develop new format search Voice IPA, and garner insight data with descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics through a central analytical portal and distribute it across the enterprise.

Key features of Intelliswift Synapse
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Intelliswift Synapse feeds business, technology, operations, and marketing insights to senior decision makers throughout the enterprise.

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Provides a strategy for organizations by offering a complete picture of the platform, merging portfolios, decommissioning applications and data warehouses, new applications, and enterprise analytical insights mechanism.

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Integrates corporate client integration, open API, new business models, and internal and external APIs – private, public, third-party, and partner APIs.