The Future ready Foresight tool
Intelliswift DeepVision is a unique Insights-as-a-Service solution that enriches traditional data to advanced and actionable data, around the clock. Through drastically accelerating value, velocity, and quality of data, we reveal and identify business, operational, and marketing potential by utilizing AI, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning advanced technologies.

DeepVision’s automation algorithms are smart, evaluate data-to-insight and insight-to-action and translate them to predictive and prescriptive analytics across all institution portal or API information silos. This data is utilized to uncover and disseminate meaningful insights across the organization.
Benefits of DeepVision
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The integrated suite can handle non-stop real-time background analytics required to combine structured and new type unstructured data to gain deeper insights through our partners via AWS Cloud, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure.

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DeepVision is a cost-effective Insights-as-a-Service model to complement your existing team with over 150 trained experts in Smart Analytics, resulting in reduced staffing and infrastructure expenses.

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The suite is future-ready and cloud-powered to feed Predictive/Prescriptive/AI /ML/NL embedded Insights-as-a-Service to leverage new and existing enterprise applications via enterprise portal to portal API, therefore reducing errors and providing maximum business efficiency across all enterprise silos.

Key features of DeepVision
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Access to 3,000+ unique insights databases, infrastructure, and analytics portals to feed as a service to the enterprise.

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Intelliswift’s skilled and qualified analysts are trained on DeepVision to supplement the enterprise’s analytics team.

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Natural Language dashboards use AI to power strategic insights from internal stakeholders.