Conversion Factory Plus
Powering Banking, Financial
and Insurance Industries.
Intelliswift’s Conversion Factory Plus is the first Conversion-as-a-Service offering that converts legacy data to a secure hybrid cloud infrastructure to power continuous background conversion analytics and insights. Our advanced tool enriches data with real-time insights between Business, Marketing, PMO, Operations, and Technology silos to populate analytics through a central portal.

Conversion Factory Plus is offered in a Data Conversion as a service model. It provides non-stop background conversion between silos, offers in-depth analytics, and immense opportunity for the enhancement of business functionalities. It is based on analytical and Artificial Intelligent KPIs generated through strategically-aligned insights. It converts these insights into tactical responses and communicates them to decision makers to drive optimal value for your financial business.

At Intelliswift, we have developed an enhanced set of capabilities that can integrate our multiple solutions to provide synergistic economies of SaaS. With Conversion Factory Plus, our customers enjoy our ultra-secure, ultra-fast, hybrid cloud services with reduced staffing, reduced infrastructure, and ingenious billing structures along with guaranteed significant savings. With each passing implementation, we append value to our solutions and extend the benefits to our customers.
Benefits of conversion Factory plus
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Conversion Factory+ improves efficiency by virtually error-free reconciliations and data conversions from legacy on-prem environments to desired hybrid-cloud destinations.

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Enhance business profitability via Intelliswift’s ready-to-deploy teams that optimize results with advanced technologies and methodologies and say goodbye to specialized staffing.

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Leverage smart customized dashboards to manage insights for operational offices and augment existing applications with true conversion data, analytics, and actionable insights.

Key Features of Conversion Factory Plus
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Interactive dashboards accelerating PMO success with always-on analytics and machine learning

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Engage as-a-Service model or pure-play Conversion Mechanism that are operational 24X7, onshore or offshore

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Enterprise-level intelligence mitigating risks of project delays, process failures, or employee attrition

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Nimble service models with group expertise in programming, fund accounting, and infrastructure methodologies