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Traditional banking business models are challenged by digital disruptions. The pandemic has accelerated this change. The banking, financial and insurance ecosystems are at the center of the paradigm shift, evidenced by companies digesting endless amounts of data to serve their customers better. New growth and revenue opportunities are emerging for BFSI that are moving faster than the competition.

The financial industry has long valued big data, streaming data, data science, data analytics as well as end-to-end data management. However, with the speed of today’s business, financial markets and client demands, each enterprise has begun to focus their entire system of tools and technology to extract actionable insights and enterprise value from their data. Enterprise-grade data and analytics conversions are instrumental to organizations servicing clients, managing profitability and winning new business. Understanding effective data utilization, newer technologies and proven methodologies is no longer an option.

We help our clients navigate the complexities of large scale data management and conversions as they transform and modernize their enterprise software and systems. Our goal is to position each of our clients to benefit from the emergence of innovative operational and analytical infrastructure and tooling around data. We weave innovation, knowledge and technology into our client roadmaps so they can continue to drive their businesses forward.

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Intelliswift Key Differentiators


AI/Machine Learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP)

Enterprise data-driven Insights and Analytics


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)



Leading tech partnerships including Microsoft, Tableau, and Salesforce to drive enterprise innovation

Cherished partnerships including Snowflake to augment advanced technologies

Expertise of over 1,000 global SME’s ensuring our client success


Modern business models in the BFSI sector has led to increased competition with existing and new technology-enabled entrants. Our consulting services for the BFSI leverage the power of cloud, AI, and other transformative technologies. Our services help you realize operational efficiency, modernize your applications, and increase TCO savings.

We are committed to becoming a leader in the “As A Service” model. Our enriched experience in BFSI and clear outlook on ways to deliver through this “new model” are enabling businesses to let go of traditional service models.


The traditional banking business model is past its prime. Net interest margins continue to be squeezed by rising competition and low interest rates. Banking industry leaders are becoming more technologically savvy who understand their clients and continue to increase engagement over their competitors. The problem - legacy banking systems do not stand up to rising data influx and complex compliance standards. Intelliswift’s customized solutions enables BFSI trailblazers to successfully offer data management and analytical insights with simplified data dashboards to examine customer data visibility, fraud detection, and enhanced data security. Most importantly, our solutions adhere to the evolving banking regulations and security compliance requirements.

Financial Services

For the modern Financial Services enterprise, capturing and leveraging massive volumes of data poses huge management challenges. The complexity to derive insights from increasing consumer demand for data transparency, operative data management and conversion tools is in high demand. Intelliswift’s nimble Financial Services solutions are positioned to make data actionable at scale and to convert data into opportunities. Therefore, equipping our clients to manage and convert data into actionable insights, comprehendible for end-users across multiple verticals.


The traditional Insurance supply chain is being disrupted and are still riddled with data source inaccuracies. The customer experience is on-demand and Insurance companies are looking for specific benefits for their clients such as streamlined claims processes, responsive customer service through, powerful, modern mobile technology and digital platforms. By harnessing the power of data intelligence and self-service BI reports through our partnerships, Intelliswift is able to unleash tremendous opportunities by using customized visual dashboards serve as a predictive workbench to implement organizational strategies at large to serve the tech-savvy consumer.


Conversion Factory Plus

Conversion Factory+ is the first
Conversion-as-a-Service offering that
converts legacy data to a secure hybrid cloud
infrastructure to power nonstop background
conversion analytics and insights...

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Intelliswift Synapse integrates
communications between portals,
providing key insights to decision
makers with our always-on
analytics algorithms…

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Intelliswift DeepVision – (Insights-as-a-Service)
is an enterprise non-stop analytics
infrastructure to combine internal/external,
structured/ unstructured data to gain deeper
insights across the enterprise...

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Intelliswift Outlook

Conversion Factory+ is the first Conversion-as-a-Service offering that converts legacy cloud infrastructure to power nonstop background conversion analytics and insights...

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