The Intelligent Pharmaceutical Data Digger

Re-engineering Solutions in Data Mining and Analytics tool for Pharmaceutical Companies.

Identifying Problems, Customizing Solutions in Data Mining and Analytics tool for Pharmaceutical Companies.

A product by Intelliswift Software, Inc.

  • Limited access to Advanced Analytics and Distributed Computing Tools
  • Lack of training and resources for Advanced Analytics and Distributed Processing Concepts
  • Inability or hesitation to invest into developing full stack technology to support Advanced Analytics
  • Heavy cost of building cloud computing capabilities via advanced training and courses


DigIntelli quickly processes huge amounts of data from multiple sources and uses effective distributed computing tools, technologies and proven practices to ingest, store, process and output meaningful data within the time frame. With both Horizontal and Vertical scaling, you can easily scale the processing power of DigIntelli as per your need to generate productive results.

DigIntelli is easy to use. Digintelli can be operated by anyone having even basic functional and domain knowledge with minimal understanding of underlying complexities of Distributed Computing. While performing advanced analytics and aggregations via DigIntelli, a user-friendly interface helps to focus on trying to answer your business questions without agonizing about the underlying technology.

DigIntelli is highly customizable and flexible. DigIntelli's core modules - it's data store, the processing framework and the data pipeline can easily be expanded upon. The adapter framework of DigIntelli facilitates customization and expansion giving preference to individual integration and communication needs. DigIntelli can be easily moulded to fit into an organization needs. Built upon universally accepted JAVA programming language, DigIntelli can be easily customized upon by anyone and everyone.

DigIntelli is extremely secure. DigIntelli is built using the latest security frameworks and distributed technologies. Incorporating enterprise-level practices for data security, DigIntelli maintains a high security perspective. Implemented with secure in-house key exchange and encryption frameworks, DigIntelli ensures your data is safe and secure always.

DigIntelli is very transparent. Easy access is granted with DigIntelli, so you can easily peak under the hood of DigIntelli to tinker and tweak with the performance metrics to get the most out of the product. Understanding the audit needs of Pharmaceutical companies, DigIntelli comes with a custom built audit layer ensuring all its components and activities are logged and fully auditable.

DigIntelli is built with the absolute latest scalable technologies and frameworks. Digintelli works on the cloud and based on your performance or processing needs, the infrastructure can be scaled both horizontally or vertically. Digintelli being implemented on the cloud, the processing capabilities are unlimited regardless of how much hardware is added.

Our Building Blocks

  • Processing of Large Data Sets
  • Customizable and Extensible
  • Pre-Determined Time to Process
  • Pre-Packaged with common Data
  • Pre-Packaged with common Functions
  • API Integrations & Standard Interfaces
  • Horizontally and Vertically Scalable
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Java
  • Robust Security
  • Regulatory Compliant
  • Detailed Guides and Documents

Who we are

‘DigIntelli’ is a versatile product built by experts at Intelliswift specializing in Cloud Computing, Big Data, System Integrations and Java. The core architects and designers of DigIntelli are experienced in building multiple cloud products and solutions successfully. This technical team is tempered by the guidance of Pharmaceutical-Pundits, after conducting exhaustive research, who laid the functional and domain foundations to build the product.

How to reach us to know more



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39600 Balentine Dr., Suite 200

Newark, CA 94560


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