Why Companies are Competing for Cloud Computing Experts

Large and small companies are competing to hire the best cloud technology experts. Everything we do in business, entertainment, and education is rapidly shifting to the cloud. It is a great investment to reduce costs, consolidate billing, availability, and disaster recovery. Therefore, companies need cloud computing experts to keep up with the technological trend. Demand for cloud architects and data scientists is increasing as more functions from traditional ERP’s & CRMs to the mobile applications and services a company provides its customers, are operated in the cloud.

Cloud computing skills were listed as three of the top five hard-to-fill IT staffing roles due to the sharpening demand for these skills in Staffing Industry Analysts’ 2017 US IT Staffing Benchmark Survey. Searches for these jobs have gone up by 141% over the last three years. It is worth mentioning that companies are paying well for these skills, too.

How can tech professionals take advantage of this growing need? Read on to discover the skills involved in cloud computing and how you can obtain them to progress your career in this ever-growing industry.

Cloud Computing Skills in High Demand

There are many career opportunities and paths to take within cloud computing. From cloud architect to management and security, there is something for everyone. For starters,database design and database management skills have topped the list of in-demand skills for quite some time. As more and more data is stored and analyzed on the cloud, data scientists and those with database management skills are required to maintain it.

Next, companies are looking for those with specialized programming skills. Python is the most popular programming language and Java, already a favorite coding language was made even more cloud-friendly this spring. Therefore, companies are willing to pay well for programmers fluent in either language.

The long-time favorite cloud hosting service, Amazon Web Services has recently seen more competition from Microsoft’s Azure. Experience in either puts you at the top of any hiring manager’s list.

Of course, we can’t forget about quality assurance and security – two of the biggest issues in tech today. When it comes to customers or consumers, nothing matters more than a good user experience and protection from data breaches. Cyber security teams are looking for experts who can ward off attacks and lessen the devastation of a breach with encryption technology.

Obtaining or Enhancing Cloud Skills

If you’re ready to seize the opportunities which cloud computing has created, you will need the right skills. However, you don’t have to enroll in a four-year program to do so. Online education has opened a lot of doors for those in the tech world. Boot camps, as well as free and low-cost online courses, are making specialized education easier and more obtainable for tech professionals everywhere.

If you are looking for more traditional education options, explore extension or certification courses at colleges and universities. These can be taken online or in person.

An increasingly popular option is to look for opportunities within your company. As employers embrace the value of training and retaining their employees, workers can take advantage of opportunities right inside their own organizations. Ask around and let your goals be known. Take on more responsibilities and join projects where you will get hands-on experience. Ask your leaders and mentors for guidance and support as you transition into the cloud-computing world.

If you’re looking for a competitive, long-lasting career, consider the role you can play in the cloud computing industry. Check out our abundant tech opportunities at all skill levels, and connect with us to get started.