7 Tools Every IT Hiring Manager Needs

Hiring managers have a tough job, especially with unemployment in the tech industry at 1.9% as of May 2018. AI is changing the way we work and hire, too. Hiring managers, no matter how skilled, can’t do it alone. From online networks to personality tests, here are the top tools every hiring manager should have on hand to source and hire the best in IT.

  1. Industry associations and conferences
    Meetups and industry associations tied directly to your target audience are a great way to find candidates, both passive and active. There are meetups specific to tech skills and interests where you’ll find the best of the best and people are eager to have a conversation. It’s prime hunting ground for your next hire. Some events require a fee per event or membership but there are plenty of free and inexpensive events where you can mix and mingle with active and passive job seekers. Be sure to bring business cards!
  1. Online forums and support sites
    Scan forums where people talk about the latest in tech or share support for software users. Here, you’ll find experienced IT candidates with the knowledge and desire to help others learn and solve problems. You can search for forums specific to the issues your company may be facing to find the best people to take on the task. Reddit has become a reputable place to find tech candidates. Join the conversation and post within job boards specific to skills like Python or blockchain.
  1. LinkedIn
    Never underestimate the value of your personal network. LinkedIn is a great way to stay in touch with passive or previous candidates while connecting with new ones. Share job openings on your news feed, reach out to candidates personally, and ask your friends to make introductions. You never know when a former classmate or friend of friend will fit your current open position. Afterall, we’re all only Six Degrees of Separation away from the perfect hire.
  1. College outreach
    Given the ongoing talent shortage, it is vital to get in front of recent and soon-to-be college graduates. Attend career fairs and connect with on-campus career services at universities with reputable technology programs. If they’re still in school, collect names and contact information to reach out again as they hit the job market. Keeping a strong connection to your Alma Mater will give you quality candidates year after year.
  1. Referral network
    Ask and encourage current employees to help. If the resources are available and employees are encouraged (and rewarded) to refer quality candidates, you’ll start to see a lot more candidates you otherwise would have missed. Plus, you’ll have a better time with retention when current employees have a hand in finding the new hires.
  1. Coding and personality tests
    Try out coding tests and personality tests to find the right match. To start, find some reputable tests and test your current employees. This will help establish a benchmark to measure against. You’ll have a better understanding of the level of skill and types of personalities that perform well at your company. While a personality test alone can’t guarantee a perfect hire, it’s a great resource to help you hire fast and well.
  1. Trusted staffing partner
    It’s not enough to work with a staffing firm once in a while for those hard-to-fill jobs. When hiring managers partner with a trusted, specialized staffing firm, they get access to a wider pool of qualified candidates. The firm is able to learn their specific needs for a more effective hiring strategy. Recruiters can help employers find the best of the best, even those who are only passive job seekers. With a well-established partnership, they can search, screen and hire faster every time.


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